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The Rush to get things done!!! 10/29/08

We’ve had quite a scare lately regarding the possibility of delaying our cycle until next year, which seems absolutely unacceptable to me.  The reason for this delay is because “the lab” closes twice a year for a month to completely empty out and clean everything, which obviously they can’t do with human embryos hanging around.  So the clinic says that you must begin the first round of medications (shots) by November 20th or you’ll have to wait until January ’09 to begin the cycle. Lucky for us, if all goes exactly according to plan, I’ll be starting my cycle in November. We’ll have just made the cut off- whew!

Well, “the plan” dictates that our IVF doc receives letters of clearance from ALL of my previous surgeons, specialists, ect.  One particular doc, who I presume is allergic to all things concerning urgent letters, is holding us all up.  The result? We may not get to begin our cycle until next year. I am seriously considering setting up camp outside of his personal office and/or stalking him until he writes the letter! It only takes a few moments of his time- how upsetting!

So…at the moment…the sweet IVF nurses are harassing the heck out of the guy in hopes of getting me in before the lab closes for the year. Say a prayer!!!


Oh Baby!

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The Ultimate Journey to Motherhood!

mother and child

"Nothing will ever make you as sad, or as happy...exhausted, or as elated...as motherhood"


So at this time in my life I am completely dedicating myself to finally becoming the mommy I’ve always wanted to be.  Like everything in life, the journey to mommyhood is a long, complex process resulting in nothing less than an absolute miracle.  For us, this journey includes In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) because I am unable to naturallly conceive due disrupted anatomy from numerous lower abdominal surgeries.  The IVF process involves painful, emotional, and often times violating procedures and protocols.  To explain IVF in sum, basically I take or inject an array of drugs which will cause me to grow many more eggs on my ovaries than humanly possible, usually 7-14 of them.  This is what I will be doing (and complaining about) for the next 5 weeks.

At the end of these 5 weeks, they will inject me with a hormone which will tell my body to release all of these eggs.  But instead of being released, the Dr will put me under light sedation an insert a needle into me and remove each egg from my ovaries.  They will take the eggs and drown them in sperm in a dish to be fertilized.  They will incubate them for 3 days as these eggs begin to divide into several cells and become embryos.  Finally, on December 2nd, the Dr will choose 2 of the best embryos and mechanically insert them high in my uterus through a special catheter.

This is basically what the Dr does

This is basically what the Dr does

The coolest part is that we will actually have PICTURES of our babies when they are just a few cells old!

Babys first picture!

Baby's first picture!

I will have a pregnancy test on December 16th to see if any of the embryos “took” (implanted).  If I am indeed pregnant, I will know by mid January if it is with 1 baby or twins! (AHHH! J/K- twins are wonderful).

Will it be one baby or TWINS???

Will it be one baby or TWINS???

So, If this “cycle” is successful, then these are my due dates:

If 1 baby: Due date is August 25th…If twins: Due date is August 4th

Also, these are the fetal developmental stages:

First heartbeat(s): December 25th    

Limb buds began forming: Dec 29th

Its a Bean! Beanies limbs begin to form Dec 29th

It's a Bean! Beanie's limbs begin to form Dec 29th

Considered to be a fetus and not an embryo by Jan 13.

First brainwaves: Jan 19

Essential structures complete: Jan 27

Essential structures complete!

Essential structures complete!

Baby on Feb 3rd

Baby on Feb 3rd

First baby movements: February 24

Baby on March 2nd!

Baby on March 2nd!

Starts to suck his/her thumb April 21

Fetus sucks thumb on April 21st

Fetus sucks thumb on April 21st

Baby(s) can recognize my voice and heartbeat May 5th

Baby Madeline Brooke OR Aleigh-Anna Marie

Baby Madeline Brooke OR Aleigh-Anna Marie due August 25th!

Baby Cohen/Nathan/Tyler/.....Daddy has to decide on a name for me!

OR Baby Boy Cohen/Nathan/Tyler/.....Daddy has to decide on a name for me! Born Aug 25th!

If we are twins, well be born August 4th!!!
If we are twins, we’ll be born August 4th!!!

Our Baby Registry! Babies-R-Us
JENNIFER HEARN ’s Baby Registry
Registry #: 94216803
Maiden/Alternate Name: CHRISTOPHER

DH and I- who will baby look like?

DH and I- who will baby look like?

Hi Everybody!

This is the first post on my new blog!  Stay tuned for more!  🙂

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