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The Rush to get things done!!! 10/29/08

We’ve had quite a scare lately regarding the possibility of delaying our cycle until next year, which seems absolutely unacceptable to me.  The reason for this delay is because “the lab” closes twice a year for a month to completely empty out and clean everything, which obviously they can’t do with human embryos hanging around.  So the clinic says that you must begin the first round of medications (shots) by November 20th or you’ll have to wait until January ’09 to begin the cycle. Lucky for us, if all goes exactly according to plan, I’ll be starting my cycle in November. We’ll have just made the cut off- whew!

Well, “the plan” dictates that our IVF doc receives letters of clearance from ALL of my previous surgeons, specialists, ect.  One particular doc, who I presume is allergic to all things concerning urgent letters, is holding us all up.  The result? We may not get to begin our cycle until next year. I am seriously considering setting up camp outside of his personal office and/or stalking him until he writes the letter! It only takes a few moments of his time- how upsetting!

So…at the moment…the sweet IVF nurses are harassing the heck out of the guy in hopes of getting me in before the lab closes for the year. Say a prayer!!!


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