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First Ultrasound- November 21, 08

Aaaannd- ACTION!

The real action starts!

Today we went for our first ultrasound of my ovaries to see if my follicles (where the immature eggs are) are ready for shots to stimulate them (stimulation shots- Gonal-F is the official name of them, or GF).  Turns out that I have 14 on my left ovary and 15 on my right for a total of 29 potential eggies!!!

Ultrasound of ovary- dark spots are the Follicles which houses eggs

I also had my hormone Estridal levels checked, which ended up at >32 which is exactly what they expected to see.  Yay!

So, tonight Chris will begin taking his antibiotic and he will also start injecting GF shots into my hip (to stimulate the eggs to grow/mature) and I will give myself Lupron injections, though only doing half the dose now.

The action is starting! I can only take GF for 10 days, then they will go in and remove the eggs.  I have my second blood draw on monday Nov 24 to check my hormone estridal level as well.  They will be watching me closely to make sure that I do not end up over-stimulating, which can result in something called OHSS or Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome.  It basically means your ovaries grow too large and results in nasty side-effects like severe abdominal pain/fluid accumulation and bloating, ect.  But the risk of this is very low, so keep positive!

Baby, here we come!


My first official complaint (stay tuned! Many more to come!)

Well, I’ve jumped through just about every hoop imaginable to get to this point and I’m just now getting the heeby-jeebies. On one hand, I can “sit back and enjoy the ride” as Chris would say. On the other hand, I got my first taste of what’s to come and I feel that I’ve earned the right to post my first official complaint.

I went to my hematologist today (God Bless him, he’s fabulous) but was then sent for a little visit with his phlebotomist. Those blasted good-pay-with benifits-vampires promptly snapped on a hand-numbing tourniquet and proceeded to draw at least 6 vials of my much needed blood. I am convinced that I walked out of the place at least 2 Maybelline shades paler, my naked feet in ballet shoes doing a fairly convincing job of passing off as a pair of white socks. (A total fashion faux pas, mind you). To make the whole ordeal as painful as possible, the lady used a giganormous needle, chose the most painful place to poke it into (underside of my forearm), and left the midieval-esque torture device (the tourniquet) on for WAY too long. I’m traumatized.

So then I come home feeling slightly lighter with respect to overall volume, and lo and behold there are those ridiculously expensive, equally terrifying month and a half of once-or-twice a day SHOTS! In addition, I have at least another half a dozen planned trips to the vampires for a further reduction in my overall volume and subsequently unavoidable change for the worse in pallor. I am seriously considering a membership with the local AAACP (American Albino Association for Colorless People). I have issues.

So naturally I decided the best thing for me to do at the moment to calm my heeby-jeebies was to delve into the depths of the overly-wordy document otherwise known as “the patient guide.” After reading all of this, I should consider myself lucky about those shots. You see, I have the luxury of choosing between my lovely scar-ridden abdomen or “the top of the hip” (aka-butt). But that’s not all! I can “choose between one upper hip (butt cheek) or the other, alternating them to avoid (yeah right) pain or soreness of the upper hip (buttocks).” In addition, I “may want to consider having a spouse, partner, or friend help with the injections of the upper hip (butt), which may allow you to position yourself in such a way to make the injection less painful.” Umm…let’s see, my partner is my spouse (I’m straight, thank you), and he is a computer techie with no prior experience and displays an alarmingly eager disposition about the opportunity to poke me sadistically with a 4-inch needle. (Shivers). Finally, my friends are either: A) in egypt; B) not interested in seeing my white upper hip (butt), or C) have 4 legs with non-opposable thumbs, or suffer from severe hypoxia (lack of oxygen) when removed from water. So the eager husband it is. (Shivers again-isn’t shivering a sign of blood loss???)

But ya know what? At the end of the day, when we have our child in our arms, I would go through it all a million times just to see my baby smile.

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