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First Ultrasound- November 21, 08

Aaaannd- ACTION!

The real action starts!

Today we went for our first ultrasound of my ovaries to see if my follicles (where the immature eggs are) are ready for shots to stimulate them (stimulation shots- Gonal-F is the official name of them, or GF).  Turns out that I have 14 on my left ovary and 15 on my right for a total of 29 potential eggies!!!

Ultrasound of ovary- dark spots are the Follicles which houses eggs

I also had my hormone Estridal levels checked, which ended up at >32 which is exactly what they expected to see.  Yay!

So, tonight Chris will begin taking his antibiotic and he will also start injecting GF shots into my hip (to stimulate the eggs to grow/mature) and I will give myself Lupron injections, though only doing half the dose now.

The action is starting! I can only take GF for 10 days, then they will go in and remove the eggs.  I have my second blood draw on monday Nov 24 to check my hormone estridal level as well.  They will be watching me closely to make sure that I do not end up over-stimulating, which can result in something called OHSS or Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome.  It basically means your ovaries grow too large and results in nasty side-effects like severe abdominal pain/fluid accumulation and bloating, ect.  But the risk of this is very low, so keep positive!

Baby, here we come!


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