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Egg retrieval and fertilization report!

The egg retrieval December 3, 2008:
Today we had our egg retrieval, which is the process the RE (doctor) goes through to insert a needle into each follicle on my ovaries to remove each egg from them.  Our RE elected to do the egg retrieval under general anesthesia in the OR to ensure that I remain absolutely still so that they do not accidently puncture my j-pouch.  I was incredibly nervous, but the folks there did a wonderful job and the procedure went quickly and smoothly.
Chris woke up at 4am (I was still awake, too excited/nervous to sleep) and we left the house to arrive at the hospital by 5am. We went up to the same-day operating area and were shown into our room. I changed into a hospital gown and a very friendly nurse asked me all the usual questions concerning my history, all 1001 of them! Anyhow, she placed the IV, then I met with the anesthesiologist.  The first thing she said (in a southern drawl) was, “I hope you won’t have any problems understanding me since I’m from Texas.”  We immediately looked at each other and smiled huge grins, which piqued her attention. So we explained our mutual origins and subsequently shared somewhat of a kumbya moment. It was fabulous.
They gave me an acid-reducer to prevent nausea and some kind of pre-OR sedative which didn’t have much affect on me (too excited).  I kissed Chris good-bye and they wheeled me into the strange, sterile world of blue clothed people and blue drapes everywhere! Beneath the bright lights, I scooted onto the OR table and managed to recognize one of my favorite RE’s before being administered my sleepy time medicine.  There were a large number of people in the OR with me, at least 8 or so. My last thought was something along the lines of, “I wonder what all these people are doing here? Oh did she just give me the anesthesia shot? That’s funny, cause I don’t feel anyth…(zzzz).”
Next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room next to another young patient in the bed next to me. At our feet sat two nurses. They were chatting about the careers of anesthesiologist assistants (AA’s). Now fully alert-ish, I found myself eagerly joining in on the discussion, though I’m not sure exactly if my words were coherent or not. Nevertheless, the nurse patiently answered a steady, slurred stream of questions I had about becoming an anesthesiologist’s assistant. When I was declared fully recovered, (or when she tired of my questions), I was wheeled back into my room where Chris joined me.  After updating him on the exciting pro’s and cons of becoming an AA, I started to feel sharp, menstrual like pains and quickly recalled why I was there.  Feeling quite sleepy again, I looked at him and said, “Yaaay! (…zzzzz). “
Our fertility report on our eggs→ embryos! December 4, 2008
Today we received an email about our embryos! It turns out that they retrieved a total of 15 eggs, and that 12 of them went on to become healthy embryos!!! Three of them did not take as 1 was not fertilized and the other 2 were immature.

Our embryos today at ~ 26 hours old!
So…they immediately froze 6 of them (to store them) and left the other 6 out to keep dividing until this Saturday when we go to have 2 embryos put back in (transferred).  By the time the embryos are ready to be transferred, they will be blastocyst embryos with numerous cells. They will look something like this:


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