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The 2 Week Wait (2WW)

For us who are trying to conceive, especially early planners like me, coming up with things to keep your mind occupied during those 2 weeks between the embryo transfer and preganacy news is essential for survival.  My goal is to come up with 14 things to do during my 2WW.

Jenn’s Personalized list of things to do during the 2wk wait:

  1. Set aside time for a daily cup of hot tea.
  2. GET A JOB! Babies cost money, and begging on a street corner is NOT a family-friendly job.
  3. Keep searching for baby names. I like the weird, Chris likes the normal, and somewhere out there in cyber-world lies a suitable compromise. (Arlyanna is an example of weird, and Kristen is an example of normal- you see the issue).
  4. Get my humble antique and vintage glassware collection appraised online, catalogued, and filed with home insurance (Note to self: wait until AFTER the alarm system is installed).
  5. Go through my sock drawer and donate all singletons, ones with holes, and outrageously patterned socks to the local landfill. This will subsequently (ironically) increase my carbon footprint in this ole’ world of ours. (I sowwy).
  6. Start a journal of letters to “baby.”  This is slightly obsessive, but it will be an amazingly beautiful gift for baby-grown-up.
  7. Mentally rearrange wall art to accommodate numerous future gigantic portraits of baby at all stages of life.
  8. Keep abreast of new baby gear and technology. Lord only knows what they’ve come up with since 2 hours and 43 minutes ago.
  9. Eat soft cheeses, drink wine with dinner, and spend an inordinate amount of time staring at my feet. Basically do everything I will not be able to do while pregnant with baby.
  10. Actually, I think I should take pictures of my feet.  I’ve heard they disappear during pregnancy.
  11. Locate all the local colleges, pick the closest one, and be prepared to brainwash baby into attending college there. On the other hand, research foreign ones just in case baby grows up to be a menace of gigantic proportions- unconditionally loved of course. Au Revoir mon petit bebe!
  12. Well it looks like I’m flying to Denver sometime during the last half of the 2WW!!! So Excited!

Pondering Baby Names (Part II)

Well…we’re still passing the time until we have the embryos transferred.  We inevitably came up with some funny names while we were tossing names back and forth…here are a few:

Miller Bier

Bud Ryser

Pierson Rays

Chi Ni Hearn

Colon Awol (AWOL)

Elless Eue (LSU)

All About Round 2

Our second cyle (round 2) is a form of IVF called “Frozen Embryo Transfer.”  As mentioned previously, we have 6 embryos in cryopreservation (frozen in storage).  We hope that they will be able to thaw 2 ideal embryos to transfer into the uterus on February 9, 2009.  This round is easier because I do not have to grow all of the eggs and have them retrieved like the first cycle.  I still have to take several medications/shots to support the cycle: I will have daily lupron injections from 1/08-2/5; estrogen patches for a month; an array of antibiotics 2/6-2/9; and progesterone injections (the devil) from 2/6 until at least 2/23 or longer if I am pregnant.

IF this cycle is successful, then here are some important dates:

Due dates:     one baby: November 2     Twins: October 11

Cardiac Contraction Begins
March 04, 2009

Limb Buds Forming
March 08, 2009

End Embryo Stage
March 23, 2009

U/S Heartbeat Detected
March 16, 2009

Brainwaves Begin
March 29, 2009

Essential Structures Complete
April 06, 2009

Movement Begins
May 04, 2009

Fetus May Suck Thumb
June 29, 2009

Maternal Sounds Recognized
July 13, 2009

Pondering Baby Names

We have another 3 weeks left until our embryos are transferred.  To pass the time, we’ve been tossing baby names back and forth.  Having been traumatized by overly common names, and a general distaste of anything trite, we would like our children to have somewhat unique names.  Here are some names we’ve come up with:


Muriel Aiblyn* (Irish/celtic origin- means “Sparkling Sweet One”)

Aleigh-Anna Marie* (family name)

Mirai, Murial, Adella, Alaya, Lilith Adelle*, Madeline Brooke, Arabella, Calianna, Aslyn, and Laela Aryn.


Harlen/Deacon Knox (Knox* is a favorite)

Brogan, Brai, Aiden Pax*, Kroy, Cohen/Bohen, Tage, Asher, Pallox, Paxtyn Baylor*, Wyn, Dayson, Valyn, and Adreal (pronounced age-real)

{if you have any name suggestions- leave us a note!!!}


After a wonderful trip to see our families, we arrived back home ready to face Round 2 of IVF.  Since we have 6 embryos frozen in storage, we are doing a “frozen transfer.”  This kind of cycle is a little easier because they do not have to collect all of the eggs.  I still have to do the old shot routine- lupron & progesterone (the devil) as well as some antibiotics (Medrol/Doxy).  These will prepare my uterus to receive 2 thawed (actual term) embryos on February 9.  We will find out if we are pregnant on the 23rd.

Once again, we are focusing on one day and each appointment at a time with respect to IVF.  We are repeating to ourselves the following mantra to help us stay focused, “We are not pregnant until we are pregnant, and each day is a day closer to having our family.”

As a side note, we have selected the adoption agency we wish to adopt through.  We are planning on adopting regardless of the IVF outcome.  If we have 1 biological child, we will most likely adopt 2 children (nationally and/or internationally).  If we have twins, we will adopt 1 child, probably internationally.  Our favorite international adoptions include Shri Lanka, India, Ethiopia, and Cambodia.  The main reason we would adopt nationally is because we both would like to experience being parents of a newborn.  We are very interested in adopting a special needs child (deaf/hard-of-hearing) internationally as well.  We feel that between the two of our life’s experiences as deaf individuals, we will be a great example and provide a loving home for another deaf child.

But, for now, we are focusing on conceiving via IVF.  Tomorrow I will be starting the injections.  Baby- here we come!

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