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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


After a wonderful trip to see our families, we arrived back home ready to face Round 2 of IVF.  Since we have 6 embryos frozen in storage, we are doing a “frozen transfer.”  This kind of cycle is a little easier because they do not have to collect all of the eggs.  I still have to do the old shot routine- lupron & progesterone (the devil) as well as some antibiotics (Medrol/Doxy).  These will prepare my uterus to receive 2 thawed (actual term) embryos on February 9.  We will find out if we are pregnant on the 23rd.

Once again, we are focusing on one day and each appointment at a time with respect to IVF.  We are repeating to ourselves the following mantra to help us stay focused, “We are not pregnant until we are pregnant, and each day is a day closer to having our family.”

As a side note, we have selected the adoption agency we wish to adopt through.  We are planning on adopting regardless of the IVF outcome.  If we have 1 biological child, we will most likely adopt 2 children (nationally and/or internationally).  If we have twins, we will adopt 1 child, probably internationally.  Our favorite international adoptions include Shri Lanka, India, Ethiopia, and Cambodia.  The main reason we would adopt nationally is because we both would like to experience being parents of a newborn.  We are very interested in adopting a special needs child (deaf/hard-of-hearing) internationally as well.  We feel that between the two of our life’s experiences as deaf individuals, we will be a great example and provide a loving home for another deaf child.

But, for now, we are focusing on conceiving via IVF.  Tomorrow I will be starting the injections.  Baby- here we come!

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