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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

All About Round 2

Our second cyle (round 2) is a form of IVF called “Frozen Embryo Transfer.”  As mentioned previously, we have 6 embryos in cryopreservation (frozen in storage).  We hope that they will be able to thaw 2 ideal embryos to transfer into the uterus on February 9, 2009.  This round is easier because I do not have to grow all of the eggs and have them retrieved like the first cycle.  I still have to take several medications/shots to support the cycle: I will have daily lupron injections from 1/08-2/5; estrogen patches for a month; an array of antibiotics 2/6-2/9; and progesterone injections (the devil) from 2/6 until at least 2/23 or longer if I am pregnant.

IF this cycle is successful, then here are some important dates:

Due dates:     one baby: November 2     Twins: October 11

Cardiac Contraction Begins
March 04, 2009

Limb Buds Forming
March 08, 2009

End Embryo Stage
March 23, 2009

U/S Heartbeat Detected
March 16, 2009

Brainwaves Begin
March 29, 2009

Essential Structures Complete
April 06, 2009

Movement Begins
May 04, 2009

Fetus May Suck Thumb
June 29, 2009

Maternal Sounds Recognized
July 13, 2009


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