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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Pondering Baby Names

We have another 3 weeks left until our embryos are transferred.  To pass the time, we’ve been tossing baby names back and forth.  Having been traumatized by overly common names, and a general distaste of anything trite, we would like our children to have somewhat unique names.  Here are some names we’ve come up with:


Muriel Aiblyn* (Irish/celtic origin- means “Sparkling Sweet One”)

Aleigh-Anna Marie* (family name)

Mirai, Murial, Adella, Alaya, Lilith Adelle*, Madeline Brooke, Arabella, Calianna, Aslyn, and Laela Aryn.


Harlen/Deacon Knox (Knox* is a favorite)

Brogan, Brai, Aiden Pax*, Kroy, Cohen/Bohen, Tage, Asher, Pallox, Paxtyn Baylor*, Wyn, Dayson, Valyn, and Adreal (pronounced age-real)

{if you have any name suggestions- leave us a note!!!}


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