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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The 2 Week Wait (2WW)

For us who are trying to conceive, especially early planners like me, coming up with things to keep your mind occupied during those 2 weeks between the embryo transfer and preganacy news is essential for survival.  My goal is to come up with 14 things to do during my 2WW.

Jenn’s Personalized list of things to do during the 2wk wait:

  1. Set aside time for a daily cup of hot tea.
  2. GET A JOB! Babies cost money, and begging on a street corner is NOT a family-friendly job.
  3. Keep searching for baby names. I like the weird, Chris likes the normal, and somewhere out there in cyber-world lies a suitable compromise. (Arlyanna is an example of weird, and Kristen is an example of normal- you see the issue).
  4. Get my humble antique and vintage glassware collection appraised online, catalogued, and filed with home insurance (Note to self: wait until AFTER the alarm system is installed).
  5. Go through my sock drawer and donate all singletons, ones with holes, and outrageously patterned socks to the local landfill. This will subsequently (ironically) increase my carbon footprint in this ole’ world of ours. (I sowwy).
  6. Start a journal of letters to “baby.”  This is slightly obsessive, but it will be an amazingly beautiful gift for baby-grown-up.
  7. Mentally rearrange wall art to accommodate numerous future gigantic portraits of baby at all stages of life.
  8. Keep abreast of new baby gear and technology. Lord only knows what they’ve come up with since 2 hours and 43 minutes ago.
  9. Eat soft cheeses, drink wine with dinner, and spend an inordinate amount of time staring at my feet. Basically do everything I will not be able to do while pregnant with baby.
  10. Actually, I think I should take pictures of my feet.  I’ve heard they disappear during pregnancy.
  11. Locate all the local colleges, pick the closest one, and be prepared to brainwash baby into attending college there. On the other hand, research foreign ones just in case baby grows up to be a menace of gigantic proportions- unconditionally loved of course. Au Revoir mon petit bebe!
  12. Well it looks like I’m flying to Denver sometime during the last half of the 2WW!!! So Excited!

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