Just another mom blog…

For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Lord- grant me patience!

So it’s 5:18 pm on a Sunday afternoon…I’m cooking a duck….and I’m bored out of my mind! So far my schedule looks something like this:

Today- cook duck, post random complaint on blog which hopefully conveys the boredom I currently feel

Monday- major job interview for the job of my dreams (fingers crossed!)

Tues-Fri: twiddle thumbs, work on support group presentation, find some hidden corner of the house to scrub clean…

Saturday- HOPEFULLY transfer 2 beautiful Grade 1 embryos! (fingers crossed, rabbit’s foot, many prayers, bargains with God)

The following 2 weeks: worry, learn some German, fret, practice on my keyboard, go to spa to attempt relaxation, spend inordinate amount of time in prayer, hopefully start my dream job, hopefully find out we’re pregnant!

In the meantime, I’ll find time in my busy schedule to convince C that 4 children for us is the greatest idea since E=MC squared.  I have no current ideas on exactly HOW we’re going to end up with these 4 little people…hmmm….I could put that on my “2WW Things to Do list.”


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