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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Life with a Toddler plus Baby



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4 thoughts on “Life with a Toddler plus Baby

  1. hi Jenn!
    He’s a cutie and looks to have personality-plus!! I bet he keeps you super busy!!

    So nice to meet you. I’ve looked around your blog to get a sense of you, and you are a very special person (so pretty too;). You have a handsome family- I loved the post about your perfect weekday evening- I think life, while not perfect in and of itself (there’s always something, yes?!), is made up of little perfect ‘moments’ and it is in the being aware of those moments and acknowledging them when they happen that will bring one happiness and joy.
    I love that you work with rescue cats! Thank you for that.
    I’ve been thinking about solutions for your decorating/storage issues you asked about, and if you could email me I’d be happy to talk about them! fortheloveofahouse@comcast.net


  2. Thank you, from everything in me, for reaching out and filling my brain with all the information you have regarding cochlear implants. It greatly blessed me!!!
    With Faith, because of her Auditory Neuropathy, there was a good 2 year period of not knowing/understanding what was going on. She could hear noises, not understand words, or have the ability to speak words, yet failed 35 ABR’s. Having zero knowledge of the deaf community then, nor understanding what all this meant, we were lost as to how to help her.
    Fortunately now, we’ve been in contact with the best AN specialist in the states, and hopefully have a plan 😉

    Your little guy is ADORABLE!!!

  3. He is going to be a singer!! Love that little man

  4. Just beautiful! Jenn you should submit this picture in some contect.

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