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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Getting Too Big for My Britches

Well today I have officially outgrown my favorite pair of jeans. I obliviously yanked on my jeans this morning and proceeded to try to zip them up…and they wouldn’t zip. I sucked in my belly with all my might, held my breath, did a little shimmy, and still they would not zip. I quickly recalled that I am indeed pregnant and that pregnant bellies grow…could it be? Little ole me, at almost 9 weeks pregnant, already too big to fit into my jeans? I ran to the nearest mirror, stepping on at least 1 tail and possibly a paw along the way. GASP!!! There it was, plain as day- the indisputable cause of why my lovely pair of jeans will now be hibernating for the better part of the next year. I now have the tiniest little baby bump, almost microscopic in nature. But it is there! Baby is growing! I’m officially getting too big for my britches.

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