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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A letter of advice to my precious Little One

Never be afraid to love, it’s how I met your father. It’s how you came to be.  I challenge you to see the beauty in the world, to work harder than the person next to you, to never be afraid to laugh even if it’s at yourself.  Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t be silly, play in the rain, or take pleasure in the simple things in life- because you certainly can.  When you are faced with a challenge, do what you know in your heart is right, it’s rarely ever wrong.  Never loose touch with your roots, but never miss a chance to fly.  Try every new food at least once, you never know what you might just like. I challenge you to find at least one thing to appreciate in every person you meet, to be quick to apologize, and even quicker to forgive.  Set your goals up high and without limitations, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll accomplish that way.  It’s ok to cry, it’s good to let it out sometimes.  Be generous, humble, and keep a good spirit about you. Remember life is as much about the journey as the destination, so take time to appreciate each step of the way.  Never forget that no matter what, you are loved unconditionally by your father, myself, and God.  Love, Mommy.


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