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18 Weeks!!! (5 months, 1 week pregnant)

18 week baby

18 week baby

Baby’s kicks are getting stronger.  The womb is about the size of a cantaloupe- still plenty of room to swim around. He weighs just under 1/2 pound.


The Big Change

Becoming a mother doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a transition called The Big Change.  Slowly but surely my mind has shifted it’s focus from my life to that of my growing baby’s.  Deep friendships are deepened as I share the incredible moments of pregnancy with them.  Casual friendships are left neglected as I will neither have the time nor inclination to focus on maintaining them beyond the acquaintance level.  Hobbies are seriously evaluated as I realize just how demanding being a new mother can be.  I drive slower and I’m much more cautious in general because from now on I’ll either be protecting life inside of me, with me, or my own to protect their only mother.    My most frequently visited websites have changed from hobbies and interests to breastfeeding, newborn care, pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnancy.  We are in the process of moving our master bed upstairs closer to the nursery and I am not even remotely concerned about the fact that our heavy comforter set is too hot and doesn’t match the paint in the new room.  I’d love a new white and tan comforter set I saw online, but all I can think of is how baby spit-up and diaper leaks will look on the white bed spread.   It’s just not worth it.
Many other changes are evident as well.  I worry if my wardrobe is baby-friendly.  Is it too rough for a soft cheek to lie down on?  Will spit-up ruin it?  Does it have attractive parts for the baby to yank off?  Is it too hot for me to snuggle with a warm baby?  Do I have something decent to throw on and go if baby needs something from the store or has been up all night? My house décor has changed.  NIcknacks placed down low will need to be tucked away out of baby’s reach.  Having a coffee table is practical, but the baby will need the space to play in later on.  My favorite long drapes will need to be replaced with shorter ones or taken down entirely.  It seems as though every aspect of our lives are changing, or will change, either before or shortly after the baby is born.  I’m in awe of this transition into motherhood, and would not change it for all the world.  ☺

The next karate kid

Our little bugaboo is one active kid!  There are moments when I can even see my belly move up slightly from his stronger kicks.  This morning I placed my hand over my belly and I definitely felt the rounded ball of a foot (?) at the epicenter of the poke.  It’s amazing! I’m starting to talk and sing to the baby now, poor kid.  They are supposed to be able to detect womb sounds and mommy’s voice.  If he’s “awake,” I usually get a flutter or kick in response to my voice.  C is even able to feel “the little alien” (his term) kick under his hand sometimes.  He can’t help but to smile. He’ll be a great dad 😉

I’m 17 weeks, 6 days.

It’s a miracle!!!!

It’s a miracle! After church I begged to swing by Baskin Robbins “just to see” if they have bubble gum ice cream, even though I remember them clearly informing me that it is a summer-time flavor. Lo and behold- they had it!!! Amen, thank you Jesus. I quickly asked for a hand-packed quart and managed to polish off half of it before we even pulled into our driveway.  I was one very happy pregnant woman.  Baby kicked in to inform me of his appreciation.

As for other news, it looks like I am back to absolutely starving all the time.  I’m finding myself awake at 2am, 4am, and 6am raiding the fridge.  I’m usually half-awake and slightly annoyed at having to wake to eat, so I grab whatever looks remotely appealing and head back to bed with my food in tow. I’ve only managed to gain 2 pounds so far, so I am hoping to put on 1/2 pound a week at least for this (the 5th) month.  I still like the healthy stuff, mostly veggies and fruit (yum!).  Now that I have my beloved bubble gum ice cream, I have a feeling that my little belly will pop out any day now!

I’m 17 weeks, 2 days.

17 week OB appointment

I am now starting my 5th month of pregnancy-almost half way there!

I had an episode of severe pain and dehyrdration, so I had to go in for fluids to give me a ‘boost’ and get me back on track.  At todays appointment they confirmed that I’m back to how I should be.  Dr. W said that I will have episodes like this but I’m still doing better than they all expected.

I got a good report from Dr. W.  Tests show that I am doing very well with nutrition and both baby and I are getting plenty of nutrients.  I have gained 1 pound over the last 2 weeks for a total of 2 pounds this pregnancy. Looks like my efforts are paying off! I now weigh 124.  I am hoping to gain 1/2 pound per week this month, and hopefully 1 pound a week thereafter.

My OB said that I will not have a very big baby, but the baby does not have to be big to be healthy.  During the doppler session, baby was very active and kicked numerous times for all of us to hear.  It almost made me cry to hear him doing so well. I’m so proud of how the baby and I have done so far during this pregnancy and I can’t wait to meet him/her! Baby will be here before we know it 🙂

At the end of the 5th month, baby will be 10 inches long and weigh between 1/2-1 pound.  He will be startled by loud sounds and can hear my voice.

Baby at the end of this month, 20 weeks

Baby at the end of this month, 20 weeks

Felt baby’s kicks!!!

While listening to the heartbeat/punches/kicks through the Doppler, I noticed that I felt tiny thumps in time with the kicks on the doppler! I must have been feeling it for awhile now, but I just thought it was my body and not the baby. Now that I know what to feel for, I’m amazed at how active baby is! He seems to kick the most on my left side, with his head toward my right. I can’t feel him all the time yet, but I notice it the most when I’m first waking up in the morning or when I’m settling in for bed at night. It’s a strange, exciting experience. I’m so glad to know baby is growing and kicking in there!

C and I are having a lot of fun with baby now.  In the mornings, we  chat online.  It goes something like this:

Me: Baby says “Hello daddy!” (kick)”I miss you!” (kick)

C: Hey lil’ fella! I love you! (poke)

I’m 16 weeks, 6 Days

I found proof!

I was surfing some preggo blogs and I found PROOF that it is indeed possible to lack a bump! One girl had a barely noticeable baby pudge at 18 weeks. However, by about 23 weeks, she had an obviously pregnant, beautifully rounded baby bump. At this rate, my current obsession will be on display sometime within the next 4-6 weeks. Whoo hoo! I can now rest in peace. The bump is on the way.

He made me laugh

Today I was complaining about needing a much bigger bra, wanting a few comfty maxi dresses, and needing some sandals to go with them. C told me to go ahead and get them. I told him I’m too tired to go shopping at the moment. He said, “Well I would go, but I’d probably come back with a girdle, a mumu, and boots.”

Pregnancy Diet

Well…not really a diet. It’s my pregnancy weight-gain diet to help baby grow big and strong. It goes something like this:
Morning hours: Cardamom tea with steamed soy milk; French Toast (2 breads, 2 eggs, lots of butter); 1 Ensure drink; yogurt; 1 orange
Mid-day hours: cucumber/tomato salad; high-carb lunch; 1 banana; whatever snacks I crave (junk food is fine)
Evening hours: 1/2 artichoke; cucumber/tomato salad; 1 Ensure; high-protein dinner as tolerated; 1 orange; whatever cravings I have is fine.
Lots of water!

I absolutely feel like I’m eating all day. It reminds me of Thanksgiving Day, minus the good food! I make myself eat regardless if I am hungry or nauseus or not. I’m determined to grow the fattest, most dimply baby ever! 🙂

My first Mother’s Day!

I had a wonderful first Mommy-to-be/Mother’s day. C surprised me with a pair of ear rings I’ve been wanting as well as dinner at a local favorite Indian restaurant. Grandma “BB” sent a beautiful flower arrangement and “Granny” sent a cute Willow pregnancy figurine/keepstake. My friends all wished me a happy Mother’s day. It was wonderful!

15-16 Weeks

15-16 Weeks

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