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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Morning sickness- 4 steps forward, 3 steps back

Saturday a friend and I spent the day at 2 buffets (Indian and Cici’s), the pet store, and finally to church. The day after this blissful nausea-free girl’s day on the town, my pregnancy symptoms returned with a fury- and then some. Since then, I have spent the majority of the day/night getting myself through migraines, abdominal pain from scar tissue/expanding belly, morning sickness, and another fabulous GI complaint that keeps me tethered to the toilet as well. I’m lucky to get a few (1-3) precious hours of uninterrupted sleep at any given stretch. Trust me- us pregnant folks need our sleep! Without it, we’re slightly grumpy and generally feel rotten. I’m proud of myself though. Despite dire warnings from my physicians, I’ve managed to get through or entirely avoid all the major pitfalls associated with my prior medial conditions- and I’ve done it well. I still have the second half of the pregnancy to go, but I’m feeling confident that I will deal with it gracefully aside from a few well-earned complaints here and there.

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