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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

15 week OB appointment

Today we had our 15 week OB appointment. I am considered “high risk” due to my abdominal issues, so we have to go every 2 weeks instead of the usual 4. We listened to ‘his’ heartbeat through the doppler, and it was loud and strong. It took him awhile to find it though because my uterus is sitting very low in my pelvis. This is also because of my altered anatomy. During the doppler session, we kept hearing the baby kick! It’s a very active little one.

I’m having a bit of an issue with weight gain- too little that is. I was supposed to have gained at least 5 pounds by now. I have not gained anything with the exception of the 1 pound I put on a few weeks ago. I’m eating all I can, and drinking lots of Ensure drinks, but baby seems to be taking it all. Dr. W said that they will do a lot of ultrasounds to monitor the baby’s growth. He said that I have very little reserve, which also explains why I start feeling weak soon after eating. For the most part,  as long as I am diligent about it, I am able to keep up with both the baby’s needs and my own nutritional needs.

He did ask me if I wanted a type of genetic screening test for downs syndrome and other conditions.  I was suspicious about the purpose of such tests.  I asked him about it, and he replied that some parents of babies who test positive for conditions like down syndrome sometimes want to “do something about it.” It’s not something he personally endorses, but he is required to educate parents on their options. Still-I was horrified!  It just seems unthinkable that a mother could kill her baby just because he is not perfect. I am deaf, and have some medical issues, but never have I ever wished that I had not been born.   I quickly denied the test, stating that we already love this baby and if he is indeed born with a ‘condition’ that we would just have to find ways to make sure his needs are met.

By the end of this week, baby will be 6 inches long.

Our next appointment is in 2 weeks:)


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