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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

It’s a miracle!!!!

It’s a miracle! After church I begged to swing by Baskin Robbins “just to see” if they have bubble gum ice cream, even though I remember them clearly informing me that it is a summer-time flavor. Lo and behold- they had it!!! Amen, thank you Jesus. I quickly asked for a hand-packed quart and managed to polish off half of it before we even pulled into our driveway.  I was one very happy pregnant woman.  Baby kicked in to inform me of his appreciation.

As for other news, it looks like I am back to absolutely starving all the time.  I’m finding myself awake at 2am, 4am, and 6am raiding the fridge.  I’m usually half-awake and slightly annoyed at having to wake to eat, so I grab whatever looks remotely appealing and head back to bed with my food in tow. I’ve only managed to gain 2 pounds so far, so I am hoping to put on 1/2 pound a week at least for this (the 5th) month.  I still like the healthy stuff, mostly veggies and fruit (yum!).  Now that I have my beloved bubble gum ice cream, I have a feeling that my little belly will pop out any day now!

I’m 17 weeks, 2 days.


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