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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The Big Change

Becoming a mother doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a transition called The Big Change.  Slowly but surely my mind has shifted it’s focus from my life to that of my growing baby’s.  Deep friendships are deepened as I share the incredible moments of pregnancy with them.  Casual friendships are left neglected as I will neither have the time nor inclination to focus on maintaining them beyond the acquaintance level.  Hobbies are seriously evaluated as I realize just how demanding being a new mother can be.  I drive slower and I’m much more cautious in general because from now on I’ll either be protecting life inside of me, with me, or my own to protect their only mother.    My most frequently visited websites have changed from hobbies and interests to breastfeeding, newborn care, pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnancy.  We are in the process of moving our master bed upstairs closer to the nursery and I am not even remotely concerned about the fact that our heavy comforter set is too hot and doesn’t match the paint in the new room.  I’d love a new white and tan comforter set I saw online, but all I can think of is how baby spit-up and diaper leaks will look on the white bed spread.   It’s just not worth it.
Many other changes are evident as well.  I worry if my wardrobe is baby-friendly.  Is it too rough for a soft cheek to lie down on?  Will spit-up ruin it?  Does it have attractive parts for the baby to yank off?  Is it too hot for me to snuggle with a warm baby?  Do I have something decent to throw on and go if baby needs something from the store or has been up all night? My house décor has changed.  NIcknacks placed down low will need to be tucked away out of baby’s reach.  Having a coffee table is practical, but the baby will need the space to play in later on.  My favorite long drapes will need to be replaced with shorter ones or taken down entirely.  It seems as though every aspect of our lives are changing, or will change, either before or shortly after the baby is born.  I’m in awe of this transition into motherhood, and would not change it for all the world.  ☺


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