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A basketball in my belly

I’ve gained 5 pounds!  I now weigh 131 🙂

I can wear all of my maternity pants and I am mostly limited to maternity shirts now.   I’m so proud of my belly!  Baby is really growing in there.  It looks like I have a basketball in my belly, especially when I lay on my back.  So exciting! I am 22w4d pregnant.  Baby weighs over 1 pound and is about 11 inches from crown to heel.


How to make a cat dance

The crib bedding is in! It is soo cute! I went ahead and placed my order for a chocolate and cream zebra rug.  I also took the liberty of putting the bedding in the crib, just to see what it looked like.  The cats decided to help themselves to a new fav napping spot, the crib, which does not go over well with me. At all.  So I threw both of them out.

They jumped back in.

I threw em out again.

They jumped back in again.

This obviously wasn’t working, so I decided to use my superior intellect to rig the bed to where they’d stay out once and for all.  What did I do?  I got a strip of clear carpet protector, which has blunted spike-like nubs on the underside, and placed it spike-side-up in the crib.  I sat on the glider in the nursery and waited for my feline targets.  They jumped into the crib, did a funny little dance, and immediately helped themselves out of the crib.

Mission accomplished. 🙂

Tears and Cheese Fries

After my appetite went on a strike for the better part of this week, it returned with a vengeance.  So I did the only sensible thing and stuffed myself silly.  After managing to work myself into that post-Thanksgiving dinner euphoria, I was STILL starving.  Around 10pm, I had the unfortunate experience of seeing the most disgusting food on the planet- liquid cheese on french fries- and I wanted some. Not only did I want some, I HAD to have it, El pronto.  I wanted it more than life itself.  I glanced down and realized that I had a long way to go before I was remotely presentable to get the stuff myself.  I looked at the hubby sitting peacefully on the couch surrounded by his various gadgets of the Mac variety.  Would he be willing to go? For me? Or his only child, presently starving in his mom’s poor belly?  I saw him yawn. Out of nowhere, massive tears of desperation began to roll down my cheeks.  The hubby glanced at me by chance, and he instantly snapped into “soothe the pregnant wifey” mode like a seasoned pro.  He asked me soothingly, and calmly, why in the world I was crying.  I told him I wanted, no- make that NEEDED, cheese fries. Right. This. Minute. Without hesitating, he grabbed his keys and away he went.  I swear, I am the luckiest wife in the entire world to have such a sweet husband.  I absolutely enjoyed my midnight meal of greasy french fries and liquid cheese.  YUM!

Like a bag of snakes

Last night my sweet baby decided it was high time to torture his poor mom.  I had just gotten settled into bed after a long day and I could almost smell all the food I was surely going to dream about.  Then…WHAM!  Baby launched into an all out war with my bladder.  His previous little thumps and kicks were cute.  This, however, was not so cute.  In fact, it downright hurt.  I woke up and was now wide awake.  Surely I imagined it?  KICK.  Guess not. I rolled onto my back and stared down in disbelief.  I’m not kidding you, it looked like a bag of snakes in my belly with all the pokes and movements you could see.  I decided to have a conversation with this kid, hoping dearly that I could reason with him.  It went something like this:

Me: Hey, you, what in the world are you doing?


Me: Ok seriously, I’m really tired and would absolutely love to go to sleep.  How about we make a deal…

Baby: Roll, KICK, punch

Me: No really, hear me out…if you can chill for a few hours and let mom sleep, I’ll get up at midnight at give you some orange juice…wouldn’t you like that?

Baby: KICK, punch, (beats on bladder)

Me: OUCH! Fine I’ll just poke you back…(pokes belly)

Baby: (Kicks back, with a courtesy jab to the bladder)

Me: Yeow! You win

…and so our night began

Hamburgers, Golf, and the Placenta

Today we celebrated C’s first “Daddy-to-be” Father’s day!  He spent the early part of the day watching the US Opens in Golf and ignoring my snoring.  Around 4 in the afternoon, he woke me up dressed in full golf attire hoping fervently that I would soon follow.  Through the haze of sleepiness, I hurriedly got dressed and away we went to the golf course.

We played a fabulous 9 holes on the mountain with the city’s skyline in the background.  C started off driving but managed to hit every bump and hole on the paths.  I told him to mind the topography, bumps and holes at full speed on the golf cart is not exactly a placenta-friendly venture.  So we decided that I would drive, and things got interesting.  I would’ve made a drunkard proud with how badly I drove trying to miss every suspicious elevation and depression on the ground.  I almost lost the passenger at one point and I started accelerating the cart twice before he had a chance to get situated in his seat.  My hormone-induced blindness, especially for golf balls on the fare way, caused many a confusing roundabout trip while I tried hopelessly to take the poor fellow to his ball.  Being the sweetheart that he is, he simply laughed and held on for dear life as his pregnant wife dashed about the course like a mad woman. It was fabulous.

After recovering from motion sickness, the daddy that is, we decided to grab a hamburger on the way home.  We randomly picked a new hamburger establishment and polished off a wonderful day with great food.


Please DO count those z’s, all SEVEN of them, one for each hour that I slept last night! 🙂

Yes, it’s official. For the very first time since IVF/pregnancy, I got a FULL NIGHTS sleep! I must say, I do feel fabulous.  I think I was finally able to sleep after getting such a good report from my OB yesterday.  My beautiful baby is big, active, and healthy!

It’s a…BIRL!!!

Profile: Follow the big white line. From the right, forehead, button nose, top lip, open mouth, bottom lip, chin. Looks like daddy!

Profile: Follow the big white line. From the right, forehead, button nose, top lip, open mouth, bottom lip, chin. Looks like daddy!

Today was the BIG DAY! We chose not to find out what we’re having.  My OB said I am having a very healthy baby!  Everything looks exactly as it should on the sonogram.  Baby is measuring a week larger for his age at 21w6d instead of 20w5d.  The heartbeat was 148bpm. His head is a little smaller than a tennis ball.  He is very, very active.  I’ve gained my 1st official pound! Only 24 more to go (I hope). My OB said I am doing well enough that I no longer have to visit every 2 weeks and now will visit every month instead. 🙂

As for other news, I have registered for classes.  I am taking classes called Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding, and we are taking the Curious Couples Tour where we can visit the nursery/maternity ward and pre-register for the big day. I am also going to look into taking prenatal water aerobic classes.

Face to the right, hand and arm by face

Face to the right, hand and arm by face

foot in the middle, toes at top

foot in the middle, toes at top

POP! The bump finally makes an appearance

I’ve started every morning for the last 8 weeks or so in front of the mirror searching desperately for any sign of a growing bump.  My OB swore it would ‘pop’ around 20 weeks.  After a few false starts, I am beginning to see signs of the much wanted, elusive Baby Bump.  Here’s how I discovered it: I noticed Sunday that my favorite pair of larger non-maternity jeans would not zip no matter how hard I tried to suck in my belly or do a little shimmy.  I settled for leaving the zipper undone and wearing a longer t-shirt over it.  That was clue #1.

Clue #2- The Crumb Magnet. I worked up quite an appetite worshiping The Lord at church. No worries, I came prepared.  I whipped out my cereal bar and ate it as quietly as the aluminum wrapper would allow.  I happened to notice my hubby staring at my “bump.”  Aww, how sweet.  Then I noticed his expression was similar to how I imagine it would be if he saw the Holy Ghost sitting right there. I glanced down.  There, just on top of my “belly” under my enlarged boobies gathered a perfect pile of crumbs.  Wow. Could it finally be a bump? Way better than the Holy Ghost. Let’s move on to clue #3…

Clue #3- Before I got my hopes up about the possibility of a bump, I decided to rule out “the usual suspects” and took a stool softener. (Perfectly fine in pregnancy).  I went to bed with my fingers crossed that my ‘bump’ would still be there in the morning.

In the morning- WHOOO HOOOO!!!!! The BUMP is HERE!!! I am 20 weeks 2 days pregnant.

My baby bump. I feel so beautiful!

My baby bump. I feel so beautiful!

Baby is awake!

I read that at 20 weeks babies have already established their sleep/wake cycles that will most likely continue even after they’re born.   So I’ve been watching the clock and paying attention to him moving to get an idea of what his sleep cycles are like.  What I’ve determined so far:

  • Meal time! Like his dad, baby is awake about 1-2 hours before meal times and stays awake for 1-2 hours after wards.  This means 6am, 11am, 4pm, and then around midnight.  (Midnight is the 4th meal of the day for us pregnant folks).
  • Kung Foo Bugaboo lives up to his nickname and is very active in the early mornings and evenings. This means full out belly-morphing kicks, somersaults, and punches for his poor mother.
  • The rest of the time he is awake, he is very laid back and is content to gently move around without abusing any nearby organs.

20 weeks…panic sets it

I have finally reached the half-way point in pregnancy, and panic is beginning to set in.  I have less than 140 days left until our little one makes his big appearance.  It may seem like a lot, but it really is not.  Especially if you include all the days I’ll need to spend resting, and those last 1-2 months where a burgeoning belly and swollen ankles makes it impossible to accomplish much more than the basics.  Not to mention that I am a high-risk pregnancy which means that bed rest is a possibility.  Yes indeedy…my feelings of panic are very real.

So much to do!

The nursery:  (sighs)  Oh the nursery…the most wonderful pain in the butt there is! The nursery is a bit akin to the wedding dress to the bride. It doesn’t compose the Big Event, but it serves as the background for all thoughts and dreams baby-related.  I can’t wait to rock my baby to sleep in the cozy, inviting, sweet baby nursery and put him down in his beautiful crib.  At the moment, it’s more like: rock the baby on the ugly, un-upholstered granny rocker after removing tons of junk to even get to the thing.  There isn’t even a closet organization system at the moment, so there’s nowhere to even put stuff. My dream nursery is a looong way off.

The rest of my to-do list:  I still need to interview and choose a pediatrician, find a local lactation consultant, finalize my baby registry, finalize the baby shower guest list, plan the trip south to go to the baby shower, integrate the baby shower gifts into the nursery, finish the baby’s closet, organize the baby’s closet, paint the nursery, put together the furniture, upholster the rocking chair, pick out curtains, design and order the monogrammed crib pillow, register for prenatal/labor classes, attend the classes, tour the maternity ward with C, purchase any necessities not received through gifts, learn to use the baby gear, install the carseat, have the carseat inspected at the fire department, and a whole host of other things I’ll have to do in the next 3 months. All of this must be done while experiencing sleepless nights, necessary naps, eating around the clock for 2, growing pains from a growing belly, nausea and occasional vomiting, pregnancy emotions, placenta brain, swollen ankles, back aches, and doing impressive yoga moves to get baby to stop pushing on my lungs so I can at least breathe.

Ah the joys of pregnancy.

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