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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A mood swing a day…keeps the husband away?

Geez. I know mood swings are a natural part of pregnancy, but…wow. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I became extremely irritated over all of my husband’s unfinished house projects. Here’s what happened: I had a rare burst of energy and decided to clean the floors. In the process of cleaning out the debris from the missing transition strips, I knocked over a piece of loose moulding from the wall. I bent down to pick it up and felt the sharp, stabbing pain of a pulled round ligament.
Later on that day, while chatting with him on iChat, I saw my cat slide on the floor. I laughed at the cat. Then recalled the previous incident. In a split-second I became absolutely fed-up and irritated over him not doing what he said he would do. Alas, I officially had my first pregnancy-related mood swing. Think PMS, times…oh, say about 40. Wow.


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