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POP! The bump finally makes an appearance

I’ve started every morning for the last 8 weeks or so in front of the mirror searching desperately for any sign of a growing bump.  My OB swore it would ‘pop’ around 20 weeks.  After a few false starts, I am beginning to see signs of the much wanted, elusive Baby Bump.  Here’s how I discovered it: I noticed Sunday that my favorite pair of larger non-maternity jeans would not zip no matter how hard I tried to suck in my belly or do a little shimmy.  I settled for leaving the zipper undone and wearing a longer t-shirt over it.  That was clue #1.

Clue #2- The Crumb Magnet. I worked up quite an appetite worshiping The Lord at church. No worries, I came prepared.  I whipped out my cereal bar and ate it as quietly as the aluminum wrapper would allow.  I happened to notice my hubby staring at my “bump.”  Aww, how sweet.  Then I noticed his expression was similar to how I imagine it would be if he saw the Holy Ghost sitting right there. I glanced down.  There, just on top of my “belly” under my enlarged boobies gathered a perfect pile of crumbs.  Wow. Could it finally be a bump? Way better than the Holy Ghost. Let’s move on to clue #3…

Clue #3- Before I got my hopes up about the possibility of a bump, I decided to rule out “the usual suspects” and took a stool softener. (Perfectly fine in pregnancy).  I went to bed with my fingers crossed that my ‘bump’ would still be there in the morning.

In the morning- WHOOO HOOOO!!!!! The BUMP is HERE!!! I am 20 weeks 2 days pregnant.

My baby bump. I feel so beautiful!

My baby bump. I feel so beautiful!


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One thought on “POP! The bump finally makes an appearance

  1. Ma Hearn on said:

    Little Herman is growing!! You look great!

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