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How to make a cat dance

The crib bedding is in! It is soo cute! I went ahead and placed my order for a chocolate and cream zebra rug.  I also took the liberty of putting the bedding in the crib, just to see what it looked like.  The cats decided to help themselves to a new fav napping spot, the crib, which does not go over well with me. At all.  So I threw both of them out.

They jumped back in.

I threw em out again.

They jumped back in again.

This obviously wasn’t working, so I decided to use my superior intellect to rig the bed to where they’d stay out once and for all.  What did I do?  I got a strip of clear carpet protector, which has blunted spike-like nubs on the underside, and placed it spike-side-up in the crib.  I sat on the glider in the nursery and waited for my feline targets.  They jumped into the crib, did a funny little dance, and immediately helped themselves out of the crib.

Mission accomplished. 🙂


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