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Panic! Round #2

I just looked at the calendar and realized that we only have about 9 weeks left after the shower until baby comes. AHHHH!!! I’m SOOO not ready! I honestly cannot believe how fast things are going.  I still don’t know what happened.  It’s like we hit the 20-week mark and time sped up.  Does every pregnant woman feel like this?  TWO months left!!!

I have sooo many things to do before baby arrives!  I still have to find and interview a pediatrition, finish up the nursery, purchase any supplies that we don’t receive from our showers, organize the nursery, go to surgeon’s appointment, go to lots of OB appointments,  and a whole host of other things.  I also realized that my breast feeding class is like a week before I’m due! I can just see it now:

Nurse/teacher: So…lets have everyone tell us their name and when they are due.

Me: Hi I’m Jenn and I’m due in 6 days.

[Everyone stares down at belly in disbelief.] LOL

I’m sure it will all work out just fine.  At least I have enough things to keep me busy during these next 2 months before baby arrives.  🙂

It’s a baby!!!

I want some broccoli…


6 month OB appointment

Everything is doing well with baby.  I have been gaining 2-3 pounds a week (amen!) and I am measuring right on track.  I am now up to 135 from 126 pre-pregnancy, so 9 pounds so far.  I’ve been given the o-k for our baby shower trip down south.  I was told to: 1- pee when I need to; 2- drink lots of water (NOT southern sweet tea); and 3- rest more than usual to be safe.

I made sure to get all the important information together in case I have to see an OB while I’m down there.  The plan is to have them page my OB and he’ll direct my care from here.  I have the phone number as well as a list of the OBs on call for the week so he’ll know who to page. My OB reassured me that this is the safest time for me to travel.  🙂

Next month I am scheduled for another ultrasound to monitor baby’s growth, a glucose screening test (not fun); and my 7th month OB check-up. Baby is in the head-down position where he should be.

My OB thinks that I still may have torn inside, but we’re all glad that it has not been giving me any trouble lately.  I have a maternity support band that I can wear to lessen the stress on my expanding belly.  (10 pounds! whoo hoo!) I LOVE the support band. It really does help.

My OB is hoping to get me at least to 32 weeks, preferably 34-36 weeks.  I certainly did not expect to make it to 40 weeks due to the potential issues that a full-term baby can cause (total bowel obstruction, more hernias/tears, damage to pouch, ect).  I am, however, hoping for baby’s stake to make it as long as I can before bringing him into the world.

One thing that I’m really impressed with is the care that I’m getting from my OB.  I like how he handles things.  He gave me a general, scary overview at my first appointment about all the potential complications.  This way I am at least aware and not taken by surprise if things go wrong.  Ever since that first appointment, he’s been cognizant of the fact that I am an anxious first-time mom and so he is conservative with expressing concerns that he has.  He does, however, update me on future plans and considerations.  He also always makes it a point to remark on all the good things we have going for us in the pregnancy despite my long list of potential complications.

This is reassuring that I know he is working hard behind the scenes to help me safely deliver a healthy baby.  It allows me to just relax and enjoy my pregnancy and to be excited about the impending birth of our only child.  I am indeed in very good hands.

He did mention that I can deliver as soon as 9-12 weeks- yikes!

The countdown begins! 🙂

Waking up baby

Sometimes when baby is too quiet in there I try to wake him up.  This usually involves a very loud song and some belly-poking.  Most of the time this works quite well, sometimes he needs a little more coaxing.  One time he just refused to wake up.  I talked even louder.  I did a little belly shaking.  Baby didn’t budge. C joked about how baby must be deaf (probably due to my singing) and that I should try signing to him. LOL 🙂

Anyhow, it makes me feel better to feel him move around in there.  When he first wakes up, he just moves his head and little arms around.  Then a short time later he remembers that he has legs and starts kicking and kneeing me.  He’s in the head-down position.  Depending on the current capacity of my bladder and stomach, those kicks can either be delightfully cute or downright uncomfortable.  Both cases are belly-morphing in nature.

Actually, I should include one detail- it makes me feel better when baby moves and I’m actually awake.

Today I was taking a nap.  Or rather I was TRYING to take a nap.  More specifically mommy was trying to nap and baby was wide awake.  I started off on my left side. Just as I got settled in and started to drift off- wham! I felt like my bladder was about to explode.  Any reasonable person would simply get up and relieve the problem.  I’m not reasonable.  I was too tired and comfortable to be reasonable.  So I heaved my belly over to where I was laying on my right side.  Mommy got comfortable again and Baby settled down.  Then WHAM! This was NOT a pleasant feeling.  Mommy’s nap was officially over.

24 Weeks

Today I have reached the BIG 2-4, as in 24 weeks!  Today marks the day of viability. Baby, if born today, can survive in the outside world now.

It has been a pretty uneventful week for us.  We went to Ikea to return the other crib we didn’t want and to pick up some storage/organization solutions for the nursery.  I did, however, have an unusual craving.  Yesterday I indulged in pickled squid and seaweed salad.

I’m so excited about the trip south and baby shower!  We’re leaving in 13 days.  I’m excited about seeing everyone.   I’m feeling blessed that so many people want to celebrate this child with us.  We went through so much to have this baby and we’re excited to share the experience together. I can’t wait to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl! 🙂

It’s official, I’m a worry-wort

I know it’s normal to have some anxiety about becoming a mom, especially the first time.  However, and I’m not sure about this, but it seems that my worrying is a bit extreme albeit comical at times.

For example, I woke up at 4am this morning panicking about the smell coming from the cat’s litter box.  Let me clarify that while I couldn’t actually smell it, I was sure it was there lurking the corners of the house downstairs, waiting to strike when one least expects it. Pregnant women shouldn’t touch cat litter (toxoplasmosis) so I left C a note asking him to PLEASE clean the cat box.  He was very understanding and left me a note saying he cleaned it before work. (Isn’t that sweet?!?)

I was also panicky about having the fish tank in the downstairs family room, where the baby’s playroom will be set up.  So the first thing I did when I woke up is to post an add on craigslist to sell it.  I felt much better about it after posting the add.

I’ve been worrying about the baby, of course.  I found myself particularly concerned about the fact that the ultrasound tech said his eyes were opened at 22 weeks.  The problem is that they are not supposed to open their eyes until around 26 weeks.  It seems that the baby is a bit ahead of himself in his development.  I felt the first movements around 14 weeks, most feel it for the first time around 18 weeks.  He measures a few weeks larger than his age.  Maybe he’s just precocious? Precociousness can be a good thing, but I don’t want precocious.  It makes me nervous. I just want NORMAL.  We could use some more of that around here.

With him doing all these things early, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the baby will arrive early.  Before-we’re-ready early.  I’ve heard all sorts of things about a mother’s instincts, but I hope that I am wrong about this one.  I want him to stay in there and grow big and strong and healthy.

Nevertheless, I’ve been experiencing some nesting urges.  I’m really anxious to wipe down the walls and to scrub the nursery floor on my hands and knees so I don’t miss a SINGLE SPOT.  I want those floors so shiny that I can count my eyelashes from my reflection.  I’m anxious about clutter in the house.  I’m trying hard not to give in and go through the house with a giant garbage bag and throw everything away that we don’t use.  (As in- extra computer? In the trash we go!) I’ve got a hamper full of used baby clothes waiting to be washed and put away.  I’m holding myself back from doing this as well so that I’ll have something to do besides twiddling my thumbs those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Baby socks.  I’m obsessed about baby socks.  My rational side knows that I’ve got plenty of time to buy all the baby socks in the world for our little one.  The pregnant side can’t help but to imagine his cute little toes being cold without little socks to cover them.  Every time we pass by the baby isle in the stores I actually have to ask C to guide me away from the socks and remind me that I have plenty of time to get those if we don’t get any as gifts. But STILL- those poor little toesies…

Maybe I’m just nesting early?  I just want everything to be perfect when my baby finally does arrive.  Maybe I’m just worried about the c-section birth and my recovery.  I mean, if he does come early and I have the surgery, there’s not a whole lot I’ll be able to do afterward to finish preparations for baby.

I guess I just need to remind myself that everything will be just fine and that what I am feeling is perfectly normal (minus the sock obsession).  In the rational words of C, “As long as the baby has boobies available, a clean diaper, and love- he’ll be just fine. Everything else can wait.”

Except for baby socks, of course.

23 week updates

Late last week I had to get a sonogram done to monitor some scar tissue issues I’ve been having. I’ve been growing really fast and so it’s putting some stress on my scar tissue.  They think I might have torn inside already so they’re keeping a close eye on it.

I gained 6 pounds (6!) in 2 weeks (2 weeks!). Wow.  That’s more than I gained my 1st 6 months combined. I’m up to 131 now.  My appetite has been through the roof and then some lately.  My boobs are already 2 sizes larger and they’re apparently not done growing.  None of my bras fit and if I try to smoosh em in anyways I end up being VERY grumpy. I finally gave in and got a new bra.

Baby is measuring about 12 ounces (2 weeks) larger than his age and will continue to gain about 6 ounces a week (a little less than a package of cream cheese).  I feel HUGE!  The kid needs to slow down a little.

I got to see my baby! The technician, like every single one who has seen baby, said the standard remarks of “Wow baby is active” and “Wow he’s a big baby.”  I’m not sure if they all say this because he’s actually big (he measures 2 weeks ahead of schedule), or because the size of my baby bump is misleading.  I’m definitely “all baby.”  In fact, she used a special wand/probe that was supposed to only see deep enough to visualize the layers of skin, and lo and behold there was baby.  She explained that my belly is very thin in some places where my scar tissue was.

He’s VERY active.  While she was prepping the machine for the ultrasound, I made a remark that I thought the baby was sleeping.  He was doing everything but the tango while we waited for the scan so I thought maybe he finally wore himself out and decided to take a nap.  Boy was I wrong.  On the screen, baby was wide awake and was looking around even though he can’t really see anything in there (too dark).  I could actually see his eyes on the screen as he opened and closed them- weird!  He was also touching his face, yawning, waving, and just gently moving around in general.  He looked so cute because he had one arm behind his head in the same exact position as I myself was in.  So cute.

He doesn’t have any hair yet.  He has full lips like his daddy and a cute little button nose. His little belly was full from practicing his eating.  Hmm…loves to eat…def like daddy!

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