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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

23 week updates

Late last week I had to get a sonogram done to monitor some scar tissue issues I’ve been having. I’ve been growing really fast and so it’s putting some stress on my scar tissue.  They think I might have torn inside already so they’re keeping a close eye on it.

I gained 6 pounds (6!) in 2 weeks (2 weeks!). Wow.  That’s more than I gained my 1st 6 months combined. I’m up to 131 now.  My appetite has been through the roof and then some lately.  My boobs are already 2 sizes larger and they’re apparently not done growing.  None of my bras fit and if I try to smoosh em in anyways I end up being VERY grumpy. I finally gave in and got a new bra.

Baby is measuring about 12 ounces (2 weeks) larger than his age and will continue to gain about 6 ounces a week (a little less than a package of cream cheese).  I feel HUGE!  The kid needs to slow down a little.

I got to see my baby! The technician, like every single one who has seen baby, said the standard remarks of “Wow baby is active” and “Wow he’s a big baby.”  I’m not sure if they all say this because he’s actually big (he measures 2 weeks ahead of schedule), or because the size of my baby bump is misleading.  I’m definitely “all baby.”  In fact, she used a special wand/probe that was supposed to only see deep enough to visualize the layers of skin, and lo and behold there was baby.  She explained that my belly is very thin in some places where my scar tissue was.

He’s VERY active.  While she was prepping the machine for the ultrasound, I made a remark that I thought the baby was sleeping.  He was doing everything but the tango while we waited for the scan so I thought maybe he finally wore himself out and decided to take a nap.  Boy was I wrong.  On the screen, baby was wide awake and was looking around even though he can’t really see anything in there (too dark).  I could actually see his eyes on the screen as he opened and closed them- weird!  He was also touching his face, yawning, waving, and just gently moving around in general.  He looked so cute because he had one arm behind his head in the same exact position as I myself was in.  So cute.

He doesn’t have any hair yet.  He has full lips like his daddy and a cute little button nose. His little belly was full from practicing his eating.  Hmm…loves to eat…def like daddy!

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