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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

6 month OB appointment

Everything is doing well with baby.  I have been gaining 2-3 pounds a week (amen!) and I am measuring right on track.  I am now up to 135 from 126 pre-pregnancy, so 9 pounds so far.  I’ve been given the o-k for our baby shower trip down south.  I was told to: 1- pee when I need to; 2- drink lots of water (NOT southern sweet tea); and 3- rest more than usual to be safe.

I made sure to get all the important information together in case I have to see an OB while I’m down there.  The plan is to have them page my OB and he’ll direct my care from here.  I have the phone number as well as a list of the OBs on call for the week so he’ll know who to page. My OB reassured me that this is the safest time for me to travel.  🙂

Next month I am scheduled for another ultrasound to monitor baby’s growth, a glucose screening test (not fun); and my 7th month OB check-up. Baby is in the head-down position where he should be.

My OB thinks that I still may have torn inside, but we’re all glad that it has not been giving me any trouble lately.  I have a maternity support band that I can wear to lessen the stress on my expanding belly.  (10 pounds! whoo hoo!) I LOVE the support band. It really does help.

My OB is hoping to get me at least to 32 weeks, preferably 34-36 weeks.  I certainly did not expect to make it to 40 weeks due to the potential issues that a full-term baby can cause (total bowel obstruction, more hernias/tears, damage to pouch, ect).  I am, however, hoping for baby’s stake to make it as long as I can before bringing him into the world.

One thing that I’m really impressed with is the care that I’m getting from my OB.  I like how he handles things.  He gave me a general, scary overview at my first appointment about all the potential complications.  This way I am at least aware and not taken by surprise if things go wrong.  Ever since that first appointment, he’s been cognizant of the fact that I am an anxious first-time mom and so he is conservative with expressing concerns that he has.  He does, however, update me on future plans and considerations.  He also always makes it a point to remark on all the good things we have going for us in the pregnancy despite my long list of potential complications.

This is reassuring that I know he is working hard behind the scenes to help me safely deliver a healthy baby.  It allows me to just relax and enjoy my pregnancy and to be excited about the impending birth of our only child.  I am indeed in very good hands.

He did mention that I can deliver as soon as 9-12 weeks- yikes!

The countdown begins! 🙂


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