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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

28 weeks- feeling better

Whew- made it another week! I was feeling pretty rough since being released earlier this week. This morning, however, I felt my energy return and boy am I glad. I guess the antibiotics did their job and now I’m on the mend.

I’m still feeling slightly traumatized from last week’s preterm scare. I am still having contractions, some of them are painful and regular, but my OB said that I will continue to have them probably until I give birth. He said not to worry unless they are close together and get worse. So I have to swallow my fear and do whatever I can to prevent or stop contractions when they start.

Sometimes when I’m scared, I can almost see baby Nathan in the NICU bassinet, his tiny body hooked up to all the wires to monitor him 24-7. I know in my heart without a doubt that he will make it through just fine however early he decides to make his way into the world. It’s my faith in him (and HIM) that helps me take a deep breath and think positive about our baby son.

For a brief update on our trip: I had an absolutely fabulous time South visiting family and friends. We had a wonderful baby shower for baby Nathan! I am planning on putting together a slide show and hopefully post the video from the shower.

While I was hospitalized for contractions, I got to show all the nurses the Reveal Shower video from my computer. (Or as C would say- my “Mac.” Sooo much better than a “computer”). C put together an edited version of the video using some Mac software and he did a great job. They LOVED it! They all said it was adorable and they had never heard of a Reveal shower before. Two of them even teared up a little…I’ll be sure to update a blog post about the shower soon.


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