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28 1/2 week OB appointment

I went to my follow-up OB appointment since being released from the hospital.  Nathan’s heart rate looks great and my belly is looking rather good.  I gained 2 pounds since last month for a total of 12 pounds this pregnancy.  They are very happy with my progress so far.

I asked him if he has narrowed down Nathan’s birthday yet since we are having a planned c-section.  He said if God smiles down on us, getting to 38 weeks would be wonderful and safest for Nathan.  It’s probably not the safest bet for myself, so his birthday really depends on how I’m doing.  So while 36-38 weeks is the ideal goal, he can be taken as early as 34 weeks if I am not doing well.  I have at least 6-10 weeks left in my pregnancy.

He also wants me to go on modified bed rest.  If I have an activity planned for the day, I am supposed to rest before and the day after. If I am sitting down, I should lay down and put my feet up.  The rest of the time I can certainly do things around the house but I basically have to take it easy.

He said that I may still end up having “bumps” in the road that require me to go to the hospital for treatment.  He listed dehydration and contractions as possible concerns that can lead to that.  But overall we are very pleased that things are still going well.

I am scheduled for a sonogram to monitor preterm labor and Nathan’s growth and another OB appointment the week after next.  I will probably have to see my OB every 1-2 weeks from here until Nathan’s birth.


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