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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Midnight Soccer and my C-section

Last night Nathan woke me up several times with full-out double whammy kicks to my diaphragm. I have no idea what got into him.  Its the first time he’s ever done that.  I could feel both feet kicking as hard as they could, holding the pressure there for a moment, then feel his knees curl back into the fetal position readying for the next strike.  When he stretched out at the height of his kicks, he stretched from very, very low in my pelvis toward the back to just under my diaphragm right under my ribs.  It was very uncomfortable so I tried to push down on his feet for him to kick off of my hands instead of my diaphragm, but my bladder was at once deeply offended and it’s protests left me running for the bathroom.  So my little guy was left to kick…and kick…and kick…

I’m feeling tons better about my upcoming c-section surgery.  One of the top colorectal surgeons in the country will be attending the c-section to address any issues that may come up.  I feel extremely fortunate to have such a good team for the birth of Nathan.  He’s one lucky little man.

Yesterday at my pre-birth appointment she clarified that they will do everything they can to limit the surgery to delivering Nathan.  They do not want to do much at all to the rest of me.  I am still at risk of developing GI complications post-surgery, but I’ve been through them before and I will get through them again.  At least they are all aware of the risks and will do everything they can to prevent them from occurring.  Before this appointment, I was worried about both GI complications and a hard, painful recovery from GI surgery with a C-section.  Taking the GI surgery out of the question really helps to alleviate some of the anxiety I had about the surgery. I am hoping that it will be a normal C-section delivery and that I will be able to bounce back and jump into being a mommy to my sweet baby boy. 🙂


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