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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

More Contractions, 30 weeks

Thursday night was filled with contractions that left me feeling sore today.  I had a couple dozen contractions that I counted and I’m sure they continued while I tried to get some sleep.  I kept waiting for other signs of preterm labor (water breaking, bleeding, worsening contraction pain), but luckily they did not happen. 🙂

I’m especially happy because today marks the 2-week mark since the positive fetal fibronectin test that indicates a risk of preterm labor onset within 2 seeks of the positive result.  As excited as I am about meeting my little boy soon, I am glad that he is going to stay and cook a little longer before joining us in the world.

I still can’t believe I’ll be the mother of a little miracle baby soon!  I find myself often wondering who he looks like, how big he will be, and how it will feel to finally hold him in my arms. I love feeling his little round knee or pointy elbows moving around to find just the right spot.  It brings a smile to my face each and every time.

C and I have a little tradition that we call “Happy Friday.”  I make sure that the house is clean and I cook a nice dinner so that we can celebrate the week and get our weekend off to a good start.  We sit at the table or on the deck and talk about our favorite events of the week and what our weekend plans are. We usually like to use the occasion to try a new recipe or two, cook up our comforting favorites, or indulge in luxuries like shrimp and rib eye steaks on the grill.  Today, since I was on bed rest, he treated me to eel sushi and seaweed salad- yum! Anyhow, we are planning on continuing “Happy Friday” as a family.  I think it will become the source of really happy memories for us as a family in the years to come.

As for other news, the 4 foster kittens are doing so well and they have been a great source of entertainment while I’m on bed rest. I often wake up feeling quite warm from my naps.  Usually it is because there is a kitten on my head, one by my side, and one perched on my hip all sound asleep and purring.  I decided to keep them a little longer.  They seem to be very happy here and they are adorable.  Cute little boogers. Here are pictures of 3 of them:


The other day I saw a woman about my age from the neighborhood walking her 2 dogs.  I also noticed that she has a noticeable baby bump.  As she walked by, I quickly worked up the courage to ask her when her baby is due.  She beamed and told me that she is due in October.  I got very excited and told her that I, too, am due then.  I asked her what day and it turns out that she is actually due the day before I am!  We were both amazed and excited to meet another mom of a pumpkin baby.

We are quickly building a sizable play-date group consisting of 5 babies around the same age in our neighborhood.  I  am thinking about starting up a weekly stroller/walking group for all of us moms and our babies in the spring.   I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for us moms to connect and share stories.  🙂

I also got a Nikon D40 camera:

I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there trying to learn how to use it.  I hope to be skilled at using it by the time Nathan arrives.  Including the kitten pictures above, here are a few others I tried to take. I still have TONS to learn.  I think it will ultimately end up being a very useful hobby to have 🙂

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