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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Triage Round II

Saturday night I gave in and called our OB about having so many contractions.  He said to go in to the triage to get evaluated.  Once there, the contractions stopped on their own.  While I was very glad that they stopped, I was hoping they could see on the monitor what has been happening so that something could be done about it.  They checked the usual causes of contractions such as dehydration and UTI.  I was well hydrated and did not have a UTI.  I’m not sure why I’ve been having them, neither are they. It’s just an irritable uterus.

They did a digital exam and found that I had some dilation, but not enough to worry them.  So they sent me home.

I didn’t even make it home before the contractions started again.  They were stronger this time and I started vomiting in the car and then continued vomiting every few hours through the night.

C got to see and feel my abdomen while in a contraction.  He said it felt as hard as a bowling ball and said that it make him hurt just looking at it.  I explained that the actual contraction doesn’t hurt me, it’s everything around it (back, cramps, abdominal, ect). Collectively they make me feel like I’ve been punched in the abdomen too many times- it’s sore.

I wish they had caught the contractions on the monitor so that I could be given a shot or something to stop these contractions. I can deal with them just fine but I think that they are using up all of my excess energy.  I’m having trouble eating enough to fuel the energy for the contractions and the 1/2 pound per week that Nathan needs to grow.

I have an OB appointment this week along with a sonogram.  I am hoping that we can figure out if the contractions are hindering his growth and if so, how to stop them.

Daddy, the OB, nurses, grandma, and his mommy have all fussed at this baby telling him to stay put!


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