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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Triage Round III

Today I had contractions since around 6am.  After about 6 hours of regular contractions, I began to feel completely worn out from them and was getting quite sore.  I sent a text to Mom/BB about them and she suggested that I call the nurse.  It was during their lunch break so I decided to use the time to time the contractions and take a quick shower.  They were every 5 minutes apart, then 1-3 minutes apart.  I called the nurse and they said to come in immediately.

Chris was at work and so I drove myself to the OBs office.  The contractions made me feel nauseas and out of breath, and so the wait to see my OB seemed like forever.  C came running in to the waiting room. The nurse called us back and assessed my general condition.  She determined that I now weigh 140.  Lots of high fives went around. Finally I saw the OB.

He examined me and determined I had not dilated any more. I joked about being a frequent flier of the stirrups.  He told me I would probably have lots more episodes like this.  Oh joy.  I had several contractions while he looked me over and so he sent me on over to triage.

I waddled like a bat out of hell straight up to labor and delivery.  I almost plowed into a little old lady and practically closed the elevator doors before occupants could make their respective exits.  I was panting through the contractions and had tunnel vision for a bed to lay down on and shots to end this miserable exercise, so needless to say I wasn’t feeling too apologetic at the moment.

At triage they confirmed contractions, determined that Nathan is having a ball in there, checked for possible causes of contractions (found none), and gave me fluids plus 2 brethine shots to stop the contractions.  They decided to give me medicine to take home which I can take whenever I start having contractions again. I was sent home, contraction free, and took the best nap of my life.

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