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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

31 week OB appointment

Today I had my 31 week OB appointment.  Dr. W wants to see me every week from now until Nathan’s birth to monitor his growth and to check for signs of preterm labor. At each appointment I will have a biophysical profile sonogram as well as a cervical length check.  The biophysical profile just measures and checks all of Nathan’s organ development, amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him, and gives an indication of his weight.  The cervical length checks for effacement (shortening/thinning).  If there are any changes in the cervix, it means that my contractions have been strong enough to start preterm labor.

I’ve gained 1 pound this week.  Nathan is supposed to have gained about 1/2 pound this week and every week thereafter.  He’s growing! I have the belly to prove it. 🙂

I asked my OB about delivery day.  It has to be on a Wednesday morning so the colorectal surgeon can attend.  Dr. W said that the tentative date could possibly be October 7th, which is 5 weeks 2 days from now.   Depending on how baby and I are doing between now and then, they may have to take him earlier or push the date back to Oct 14th.  I have my fingers crossed for October 7th.

As for other news, our foster kittens Larry and Leo were both adopted over the weekend! A physician who recently lost her cat adopted them both together.  I miss those sweet, handsome boys but I know that they will be well taken care of.

Leo and Larry

Leo and Larry

We took in a foster kitten on Saturday night. My new couch buddy’s name is Lucy Lu.  She is an itty-bitty 4/5 week old who was scheduled to be put to sleep the day after we got her.  Here’s her picture:



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