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Triage visit number IV?


Well it looks like I may have to go back to triage again.  *Sighs*

I’ve been having regular contractions today even though I took 2 consecutive doses of anti-contraction medication.  They’re currently about every 3-5 minutes apart.  As usual, I have tried every trick in the book to stop them including a hot bath, bed rest, and drinking enough water to drown a horse in.  I will soon have to switch to apple juice to make sure I have enough calories for the contracting uterus and for Nathan.

I’m beginning to feel like a pro at the whole triage routine.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to eat before I go since they’ll starve me once I’m there.  I’m planning on eating the biggest honkin’ hamburger I can find (with fries) and they’ll just have to deal with it.



Well the OB said I can try one more dose of anti-contraction medicine before having to go to the hospital.  I have until about 5:30 to see if the med works.  I surely hope it does.


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