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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Just an update

I can’t believe I only have 3-5 weeks left until he arrives! I’m getting very excited. I am still pretty much on bed rest all day. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately so I’ve been drinking lots of ensure plus drinks to make sure I’m meeting everyone’s nutritional needs.

I have been gaining weight fine though. I have gained 16 pounds so far and I am hoping to make it to 20-25 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. Everyone still gives me a ‘hard time’ about being ‘so tiny’ even though I feel huge! While waiting for my appointment, a group of women waiting for their sonogram asked me if I knew what I was having yet- (you find out between 16-20 weeks). The pregnant woman who asked me was 20 weeks and we were about the same size. I replied simply that we are having a little boy. She went on to ask me when I am due- I told her in about 3-5 weeks. Everyone (EVERYONE) looked down and gasped at my belly. I immediately felt self-conscious and explained that the baby is right on track and the reason I’m small is because I am carrying him toward my back, leaving me with a smaller profile.
The same thing happened at our support group meeting. There was another woman there 6 weeks ahead of me and she was carrying much further out than me. She good-naturedly joked about our respective sizes.  Another person said that she looked like me after eating a large meal. I haven’t quite figured out how to handle such incidences because I keep feeling self-conscious about it, so I just smiled and went along with it.  Whatever works 🙂 All that matters is that he is healthy. I don’t care how big or small I am.

A few ladies are coming over this afternoon to paint the nursery for me.  They are a hoot to hang out with so I am really looking forward to their company.  I will be excited to see how the nursery looks once all the painting is done. Plus- they’re treating me to my favorite take-out.  Good food and good friends, what more could a pregnant lady ask for? 🙂

A friend of mine sent me a TON of books to read on pregnancy as well as a sanitized breast pump to try and a few CD’s to watch.  She has twin girls, so the pregnancy books are for multiples.  However, one book by Dr. Barbara Luke is AWESOME.  It is almost conversational as it goes over issues that I am currently dealing with such as bed rest and gaining enough weight.  I quickly read through the entire book and plan on referring to it as needed.

The book offers emotional support.  One of the biggest emotional issues that I have been dealing with is feeling like an imbecile the entire pregnancy due to not being able to take on my usual responsibilities.  While C has told me (repeatedly) that I AM busy- growing a baby that is- the term simply does not do much to reassure me.  My thinking is that my body will “grow a baby” regardless.   It just sounds too passive to me. The book however encourages moms-to-be to think instead of pregnancy as gestating.  Gestating encompasses doing everything I can to grow the healthiest baby I can and to carry him to term.  I am the only person who can do this for him. It is an active process, and I am soothed by that line of thinking.

My OB appointment went very well. We are already thinking of birth control methods for after he is born.  I do not do well with BC pills. I want my baby-shop closed for business, so we asked about tubal ligation.  Tubal ligation is normally done at the time of the c-section since they are already in the area.  My OB suggested that I wait until after the birth.  He suggested a new tubal ligation type of technique that can be done a few months after the birth.  They do not operate but instead go through the cervix and insert something into the tubes to prevent the little tadpole rascals from putting me back into my current predicament. He asked me if I am planning to breastfeed, and I told him I am. He reassured me that exclusively breastfeeding until the procedure can be done should protect me from pregnancy.  He also mentioned absenence- but C didn’t exactly go for it.

I had another bio-physical profile sonogram and will have one every week until the birth. Nathan now weighs about 5 pounds and is doing great.  We got to watch him as he pursed his lips out and yawned.  He looks EXACTLY like C in the profile view- you can mark my words and take up bets that this boy will look just like his dad.

So anyhow, just wanted to post a little update.  I am about to grab a bite to eat and get back to gestating (ie- sitting on the couch working on my computer). 🙂


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