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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Thinking about life with our little one

We have pretty much worked out our post-natal plans.  We are having C’s mom up for about 3 weeks or until I am able to manage the baby and household alone.  C will take off a few days around the time of the birth and his homecoming, then return to work.  When C’s mom leaves, he will take his official paternity leave and stay home for 1-2 weeks.  It is important to us that we have plenty of time alone after I’ve recovered from the c-section to bond with our new baby.

Lately our focus has been shifting from the pregnancy to that of our soon-to-be newborn.  It has been a rough pregnancy, so we’ve really been focused on getting through each and every day.  Now, however, we are starting to share our fears, excitement, and anticipation of life as parents and as a married couple.

We talk about issues we may have with me being his primary caretaker all night and day until C gets home in the evenings from work.  We have already delegated that it is only fair that C sleep all night because he has to meet the demands of his work.  Besides, there is no point in both of us being awake all night especially if I am the only one who can nurse him.

We are starting to think of life with our little one. Will I want to pass the baby to C so I can get things done or just take a break?  How will we share responsibilities in the evenings during the work week as opposed to the weekends?  One thing that we have decided on is that C will wake up a little earlier than usual to give me an extra hour or two to sleep in or just to get ready for the day.  I must say that I am really looking forward to that. 🙂 I think he would enjoy that time alone with him as well.

We wonder how we will make time for each other, especially with me breastfeeding.  I have heard stories of babies taking in cluster feedings where they nurse for 45 minutes, doze off for an hour, and wake up to nurse again for another 45 minutes.  No matter what C and I are doing, I will have to report to the call of duty when my girls are called upon.

It will be an adjustment for sure, but we are ok with that. I think it’s normal for first-time parents to be nervous.  I am a perfectionist, and C takes the laid-back approach to life, so I think between the two of us we will get through whatever comes our way- poopy diapers and all. 🙂


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