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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The worst pain ever

Last night I had a bout of the worst pain ever.  My pouch was seriously cramping down hard and my lovely uterus decided to add insult to injury by choosing to go into a series of big contractions. My body also started involuntarily bearing down.  I started to bleed.  I ripped open the tender fissures I had and felt some scar tissue tearing.  All the pressure combined made me feel like my coccyx (tailbone) was being fractured.  I screamed bloody murder from the pain and C came running in to see what the utter mayhem was about.  I started shaking uncontrollably and my jaw shivered before clamping shut on me (typical severe pain reaction of mine).  I felt waves of nausea and started heaving on an empty belly. The cramping and pain continued.  The screaming changed to wailing and then I lost my voice. I eventually ended up on the floor because I was starting to black out.  I reached down to make sure there wasn’t a baby coming out and was relieved to find that there was not.

The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes before a hot bath soak and the medicine prescribed for pain started to kick in.  It left me feeling utterly exhausted, emotionally spent, and deeply grateful that C was there to comfort me.

Seriously- he was amazing.  He fetched the medicine and water, and drew me a bath to help the pain ease up a little.  He gave me his shoulder to cry on during the worst of it.  He helped me out of the tub once the pain began to subside and gently tucked me in bed.  He told me to stay in bed and that he would fetch whatever I needed.  He then laid down and snuggled with me. I focused on his body heat as the pain slowly got less and less until I was finally able to drift off to sleep.


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