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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Packing The Bag

My 34 week OB appointment went well.  He said I am doing fine with weight gain just drinking ensure.  I keep getting sick when I eat solid food so I’m pretty much on a liquid/soft diet until the birth.  Speaking of, the OB said that he’s not planning on intervening with my contractions between weeks 36-38.  I can basically give birth after 14 days from now.  (So nervous!)

For the life of me I cannot imagine holding a soft, warm little baby in my arms so soon. I keep wondering what he’ll look and feel like but I just can’t envision it yet.

Nathan got a perfect score on his bio-physical profile sonogram.  His activity, growth, fluids, heart beat, organs, and umbilical cord could not be any better.  I’m proud of him. 🙂 I have another sonogram next week.  He should be around 6 pounds by then.  He’s a big, healthy boy!

I’ve started to put together what I think I will bring to the hospital.  Im not sure how big he will be so I’m bringing both newborn and preemie clothes.  I’m also bringing plenty of hats, socks, a few body suits with pants, and some receiving blankets as well.  I am planning on asking some other moms what I will need to bring.

A lady on craigslist has a ton of cute boy clothes that I am going to go pick up today.  She’s asking $1-2 for each.  I’m all about saving money by buying second hand clothes for him, esp since he’ll only be wearing them for a few months at a time.


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