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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Just another day…

Things have been going pretty well this week so far. The pain/pressure is getting worse, but we knew it would and I’ve been dealing with it just fine.   Nathan’s womb is about the size of a watermelon and stretches all the way up to my ribs.  Things are getting kind of tight in there so I’ve been feeling more squirming and moving than pokes and jabs.  The one exception is under my ribs, especially the right side, where he likes to park his not-so-little toes. After a fair amount of stretching and pushing down on his feet, I can usually coax him to move his feet or at least change his position for me.

Yesterday “the ladies” as I like to call them came over to finish painting the nursery.  They did a wonderful job and it looks fabulous.  Now all I have to do is find some curtains and put everything in its place. I will post some pictures as soon as it is all together.  They then treated us to up-scaled Chinese take-out from one of our favorite restaurants.  It was a wonderful night indeed.

This afternoon I went and got a few more newborn socks for him to bring to the hospital with me.  C and I went north of Cinci for lunch, then I decided I really (really) wanted KFC mashed potatoes, so we went there instead.

(I still can’t find a nightgown that is compatible with post-surgery nursing…mental note: look online for one).

I also treated myself to a few new books at the local book store and a decaf frozen coffee blend (yum).  I’ve been in the habit of reading a little before bed and find that it relaxes me and helps me sleep better at night.  I’ve been looking for a “baby’s first year” type of book to buy.  I’ve reviewed several, but eventually I settled on the one by Sears & Sears.  I already have their breastfeeding book, and liked the overall tone/layout/organization, so I think that their “baby bible” will be just as useful.

I have my 35-week sonogram/OB appointment later this week.  The contractions have been calm lately, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to delay his birth for at least 2-4 weeks.

I still have Lucy (Ms. Tibby) as a foster kitten.  She’s definitely a mommy’s girl.  Yesterday a 4-week old abandoned kitten was dropped off at my friend’s, so I have him as well.  He needs bottle feeding every 3-5 hours around the clock and he’s huge!  I’ve been calling him Chunky Monkey.  He’s as squat as a toad and it never phases him when Ms. Tibby (4 weeks his senior) tackles him from the side.

Chunky Monkey 4wks

Chunky Monkey 4wks


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