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Top surprises I found during pregnancy

Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on all of the surprises I found during my pregnancy:

  • Hot flashes: I found myself standing outside in a t-shirt and shorts in 30-degree weather many a night in my 1st trimester.  This is coming from a girl who normally freezes at room temperature.
  • Pregnancy vision: One trip out to the golf course confirmed that pregnancy does indeed reduce your vision significantly thanks to fluid retention. I still owe C a new pack of golf balls to replace the ones I lost.
  • Nails! For the first time in my life these things are finally worth something. Same thing goes for the boobs.
  • The 6th month “pop” phenomenon.  I spent the first 5 months searching in vain for any sign of a baby bump.  Then it seems I miraculously sprouted my bump overnight in the 6th month.
  • Boobs! There’s a lot I can say about these 2 girls of mine, but the major surprise is just how early they started to become…um…functional.  (Think 16-weeks).  Nice.
  • Third trimester hips. Feels like I have 2 giant bruises to sleep on every night.
  • Speaking of nights, I feel boarder-line nocturnal.  Bathroom breaks, nighttime eating, really strange dreams, position changes, hot flashes…it is safe to say that the moon and I have become very best friends.
  • Blue veins: My body is practically a road map of the vascular system thanks to these very prominent veins of mine.
  • Eating: I never expected to go from kind-of hungry to I’m-about-to-faint-and-start-dry-heaving starving in less than 2 minutes. Flat.
  • 3rd trimester stomach: I feel like it has the capacity of a walnut thanks to baby’s rear end pushing up on it. Same thing goes for the bladder.
  • My body in the mornings: I can’t decide if my body feels like I’ve been hit by a bus, or if I feel like I am 92 years old.  I guess either will work.
  • How good a warm bath feels. Seriously. Soaks those aches and pains away better than anything else- except for maybe a good massage from the hubby.
  • Sore feet: My heels started to feel bruised after week 30 or so.  Tennis shoes with a night gown- a pregnant woman’s guide to home fashion.
  • Speaking of home fashion- my hubby’s stock of boxers and t-shirts have long since been claimed by yours truly. I have no problem what-so-ever with whipping out my cat claws if he tries to come near them to get them back. Reeoow!
  • Moods! Wow. I must say that I had a few you-tube worthy mood swings in my 1st trimester, though thankfully they pretty much disappeared thereafter.
  • Feeling baby move: Beginning with the earliest 2nd trimester flutters, which changed to late 2nd trimester punches and jabs, which finally settled into alien-in-my-belly squirming as his space to move quickly ran out.
  • Energy drain: I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have all my energy to myself. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever fallen short of the hyperactive criteria.

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