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Updates: triage, mom, last weekend before birth (yikes!)

Yesterday I went to my OB appointment a *tad* bit early due to all of the contractions I had been having over the past 18 hours or so.  (They hurt!)  I told the nurse/receptionist about them, who slightly chided me for not calling them.  We took a seat in the waiting room.  My OB came out to the waiting room and pointed us straight to Triage (literally).

They evaluated me and admitted me for the day to get the contractions to stop.  They would have taken the baby then, however, my case requires additional surgeons and they wanted to wait to make sure all of the “players” would be in the “game.”  Besides, the OR had been backed up all day.  So we were sent home to (hopefully) make it another 7 days until my planned c-section.

As for updates, I received some very sad news over the weekend.  My mom is not doing very well and her brain cancer is untreatable at this point.  She suffered a brain stem stroke Friday and we were all very, very worried about how she would pull through it.  I debated on if I should or should not write about this topic, mainly because this is a blog to document my pregnancy with Nathan, but decided to include the pregnancy-related aspects of this issue.

It has been very, very difficult for me in every way imaginable that my mom is so sick.  I feel upset because I cannot go down there to be with her during this time because I am so close to my due date with a difficult, high-risk pregnancy.  I’ve been trying to be there for her in every way possible, but to physically be so far away- it’s just hard.  There is just nothing I can do until I have recovered from the birth AND until it is safe to travel with newborn Nathan.

I’m worried about what may or may not happen during the time after the birth until I can travel to be with her with the baby.  I believe I may physically be able to handle the travels as soon as 4 weeks after birth, but Nathan’s pediatrician may not clear him for traveling until he is 6 weeks old.  That is a very long time for someone as sick as my mom is.  I just want to see her, hold her hand, and I want to see her hold my son so she can tell him herself how much she loves him.

She is blessed with a wonderful family who has been by her side constantly since her stroke Friday.  I know she is comforted by their presence, and I know she would want me to stay here and not put myself or the baby at risk.  So I’ve been trying to remind myself constantly that I should try to focus on giving birth, learning how to nurse and care for a newborn, and to plan to visit whenever I can but only once it is safe to do so.  There is just nothing else I can do at this time except to be there for her by phone, letter, prayer, and thoughts.

For the birth, I have 7 days until I am a mommy.  I am really looking forward to finally seeing this little boy of mine that I’ve been growing inside of me for all of these months.  Judging from his constrained movements and start of the contractions, I believe he is ready to meet us as well.  This is our last weekend before becoming parents of a newborn, so we’ve got a lot to do as well as just spending this precious time together as a couple.

I am planning on having C take TONS of video and pictures for my mom and family.  I promised her I’d keep her fully updated, send her copies of pictures/videos asap, and I know it will make her so happy to see her first grandson.


36 week sonogram

outlined view: looks JUST LIKE DADDY!

outlined view: looks JUST LIKE DADDY!

36 week 3D

36 week 3D

A bad day (sighs)

What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. After this pregnancy, I think I will probably be 2 notches below superhero strength.

Yesterday was lousy, rotten, no-good, very bad day.  It actually started off pretty well…I went the whole night and morning without vomiting or even feeling that nauseous.  That afternoon, I felt hungry (and brave) and decided to eat a delicious BLT sandwich.  Five hours later, after a few hours of increasing pain under my right rib and back, I got sick and lost my BLT sandwich.  Which would have been fine, until I looked down and saw blood.  A lot of it.  I quickly figured out that it came from my esophagus, which had been irritated and bled from being sick.  Sighs.

I spent the rest of the evening feeling pretty rough.  Nothing seemed to help the nausea and the irritable uterus contractions were hurting me.   Then, to top things off, I had another “worst pain ever” episode with this rotten pouch of mine.  After all was said and done, I honestly came thisclose to just sitting down and having a good cry.  Instead, I just reaffirmed to myself that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and that I am almost through with the pregnancy.  I will soon meet my little boy and all of this will become a distant memory (I hope).

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