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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Might have to give up breastfeeding…

After a few 3am seizures, it turns out that it is in my best interest to stop breastfeeding. My GI condition combined with breastfeeding lowers my potassium levels, which causes an electrolytic imbalance, which lowers my seizure threshold and thus I have seizures. The seizures are limited to my arms and make me feel like they are being electrocuted NOT a pleasant experience. I’ve been taking vitamins, eating right, and even supplementing some of his feedings so that the demand would be less on my body. This STILL didn’t help. Shuks….and I was really enjoying breastfeeding and so was Nathan.

I feel really sad that I have to take breastfeeding from him. When he’s fussy, it was so easy to just put him to the breast and he was instantly comforted. It also put him right to sleep for his naps and bedtime. I also LOVE our morning routine where we snuggle all warm in bed while he nurses and we both wake up. It’s a precious experience that I will sorely miss.

On the bright side, thanks to the frozen breast milk I saved, he will have breast milk for his first 6 weeks, which is what I originally committed to before he was born.


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