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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The little stinker, amiable silence, and random thoughts while sick with a cold

I absolutely love this little child of mine, but I must say that yesterday he was being a little stinker.  I’m not sure exactly why, but he’s going through a wierd phase right now with his feedings.  If I give him a bottle, he wants the breast, and vice versa.  Sometimes he’ll fall asleep after he eats and then gets mad if I try to lay him down.  If I lay him down, he’ll fuss if I pick him up.  One time, he randomly started fussing (loudly) so I scurried about trying to get everything I needed so I could sit down and feed him.  I picked him up, he took two swallows, smiled, and promptly fell asleep until his dad got home.  Let me add that I have a rotten cold right now and do not feel so great.  Also throw into the picture that he only behaves this way while his dad is at work, so dad has no idea why I’m slightly frazzled by the time he gets home (aside from being sick with a cold, I mean).

*sneezes loudly*

Today he has been a little better.  I am starting to think that maybe he is catching this cold of mine and so that is why he is acting differently.  Or, maybe he is just responding to the fact that I am a little “off” because I am not feeling well. Either way, I’m just going to do my best in the meantime to be his mommy.


I think this cold virus is messing with my brain.  Seriously, this is in addition to the fact that pregnancy lowered my IQ significantly.  I’m just a tad bit unappreciative of these two biological “perks.”  I’m sure it’s just temporary…I hope…

I felt really bad about not warning my brother-in-law and his girlfriend of my current mental status prior to their visit.  I was completely worthless as a conversationalist, to say the least.  His poor girlfriend, who is sharp as a tack and very easy to talk to, got stuck with more than her fair share of amiable silence from my end.  I constantly found myself struggling (and failing) to put a decent sentence or two together in a serious effort to contribute to whatever chatter happened to be going on at the moment. I was tenacious about my efforts at first, but eventually gave up within a day or two of their arrival. I wanted so badly to fill my silence, but my fuzzy brain just couldn’t do it.  So I accepted my predicament and settled for expressing my fondness of them through smiles, deeds, and sometimes just my presence. I did, however, explain to them later on that I was experiencing “fuzzy brain syndrome” and that my amiable silence was just that- amiable.  Hopefully my brain will be slightly more useful the next time we visit with them.


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