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Getting ready for the trip South

Today I’m getting ready for our trip South.  I promised to head down as soon as I could in order to take care of my mom’s belongings, so I am.  Nathan is 7 weeks old, weighs less than 10 pounds, yet I’m having to pack twice as much for him as I am for myself.  It’s insane how much stuff one tiny little baby needs for a week!  Since I’m flying by myself down there, and C i will meet me on day 3 of the trip, I’m just packing enough for the next 3 days and he will bring the rest with him.

C is also bringing Haley, our dog.  It costs a fortune to board her, so doing so will save us a lot of money on an already expensive trip.  My friend Jeanie usually keeps her free of charge, but Haley transforms into a trouble child the minute you turn away (she actually checks) and I just can’t torture my friend like that.  The last time she kept her, she sent me frantic texts at a ridiculous morning hour with a play-by-play of her time with Haley. It went something like this:

4;45am: Jenn, I love ya, but your mutt is the devil incarnate

4:47am: Jenn! Your DOG CHEWED through my CHAIN-LINKED FENCE! Who the hell does that? It’s METAL!!!

4:51 am: OMG- she’s GONE! I tied her up outside and she somehow got out of it and escaped through the hole she chewed in my fence…

4:59am: This is stupid- STUPID I tell you! I’ve NEVER had this happen to me! I’m running around the street like a madwoman with a flashlight in my flannel pajamas screaming your dogs name at the top of my lungs!!!

….and so it went.

Jeanie actually offered to keep Haley again for us, but I informed her that good friends do not let other friends be masochistic.   So the Herculean devil-mutt is coming along with us and she’ll just have to deal with it.

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