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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Breastfeeding, Round II

Right before out trip South, I tried a nipple shield in one last desperate attempt to breastfeed Nathan.  He had already had his tongue-tie clipped for the second time, but still couldn’t latch on efficiently.  He liked the shield, and was able to latch onto it, but he still wasn’t able to get enough milk out.  So I started to pump less in order to wean off of breastfeeding.

The night we got to Baton Rouge, he was fussy and refused the bottle.  I put him to the breast.  Lo and behold- the boy finally figured out how to nurse!  Not only did he latch on and empty the breast, but he was able to relatch after his (frequent) “breaks” from nursing.  It was fabulous.

While down there, I nursed him a lot more and my milk supply came back with a vengeance.  Now that we are home, I am in the process of building my supply enough to meet his current needs.


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