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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

First “sick-baby” visit

I rushed into the office at 2:31 PM and the secretary glanced up before looking back at her computer screen and absently mumbled something about a different appointment.  She double-clicked on something, looked confused, and said…”and you are…?”

I quickly explained the events that led me here (2 month check-up, dead car battery, called to cancel, neighbor jumped the car off, the baby sounds congested…and can you please work me in today? First available?)

She stood and went back to ask “Dr. Su”, a cheery little guy from good ole’ Duke, if he would see Nathan for a sick-baby check-up.  The great man agreed.  After a warning from her about making appointments, she led back to a room to wait for the doc to come.

Nathan started his classic “I’m hungry” protest and out the boob went.  Soon after, Dr. Su did a pointless little rap-rap on the door as he simultaneously opened the door, thus the pointlessness, and of course I didn’t have time to cover the boob a bit more.  He saw I was nursing, apologized for intruding, and started to shut the door again.    I have long since lost my conservative ideals in medical situations-they’ve seen it before- so I told him to come on in and covered up anyways.  Nathan didn’t like his mealtime being cut short, and so he started to fuss again.

Dr. Su jumped into action with his stethoscope, distracting Nathan, and asked, “So I hear this little guy is congested?”

Me: Yes, he is

I then go on to give the history of this congestedness.  Dr. Su listened, looked, and prodded. He confirmed that yes, Nathan does have “some gook” in there but as long as he doesn’t start wheezing, he should be fine.

Next topic, “So you have a question about his poop and…(he checks his computerized chart)…his penis?”

Naturally, I blushed at his frankness. I’m just not in the habit of discussing penises with strangers.  The fact that he’s so cheery when he piped the question just didn’t sound quite right to me.  I put on the face of bravado- a mommy on a mission- and first showed him a poopy diaper, saved just for this occasion. “Is this normal?”

He looked at the poopy and said that it looks fine.  He gave me a description of non-normal poops and I am proud to say that Nathan’s poop is A-ok.

He quickly moved on, “And the penis?”  I blushed again, almost kicking myself while mentally telling myself to “Mommy Up” and get on with it.

“Well…er, um…well it’s just that sometimes, like before his bath for example, I noticed that it seems to, um, change colors.”

He was obviously quite amused by my question. I couldn’t help but to wonder exactly just how many “but doctor, his wee-wee changes color!” questions he’s been asked in his career.  I could almost see him entertaining dinner party guest with “Oh-if-you-only-knew-the-things-I-see” type of stories. Colorful wee-wee stories are probably a huge hit.

Anyhow, he wanted to take a look and so I went ahead and removed the diaper.  Nathan, who up until this point had been debating on whether or not he wanted to study the stranger or protest his hunger, suddenly burst into a huge smile and squeaked and cooed at him.  I was instantly embarrassed at my son’s obvious lack of concern over his nakedness, and mumbled an apology for his “nakey baby joy.”  I think Dr. Su was just glad he wasn’t crying. He’d take a smiling baby, even a naked one, over a screaming one any day. I’m just glad Nathan didn’t pee on him. It would have been a direct hit with the way he was aiming.

After his assessment, Dr. Su reassured me that things looked just fine “down there” and gave me some instructions on daily care for the whole diaper area as well as a list of things to watch for.

He asked if I had any other questions (I did not) and off we went.

Thus concludes Nathan’s first sick-baby visit.


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