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Baby Blues

It’s official! His eyes are BLUE


Thoughts about parenthood

I’ve really been thinking about raising Nathan with good values.  I mean, I look at other households with self-centered, materialistic, unhappy children and then I look at ours and there are no real differences.  Its sad.

One issue is unfiltered/unmonitored TV and internet exposure.  I think we, as adults, forget that we have the maturity and experience to deal with exposure to the things featured on the media while children do not.  We instinctively know this- case in point, we know not to talk about certain things in front of children.  However, we’ve become so desensitized to media that we no longer consider how it affects our kids because it “isn’t real”.  However, if you place the media material out of context it becomes taboo.

To prove what I mean by it being taboo, would you allow adults to come into your home and “act out” sex with all the props in front of your children? Think about it.  Would you allow your kids to take part in a violent skit with life-like guns shooting down people and using foul language? NO, you would not.  Yet we invite this same material into our homes for them to watch. We write it off as “make-believe” as the term can magically render skits performed in person verses on a large tv screen as somehow being different or less damaging when it simply is not.

I think to break down this desensitization barrier of the media we need to ask ourselves an important question: if this skit/show/movie were performed in person in our living rooms, would we allow our children to still watch it?

Just something to think about.

3 months old, 1st playdate, Church

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First Shots

Nathan had his first shots today.  He had 1 vaccination by mouth and one shot in each leg.  He did really well with them.  He just turned bright red and did a few high-pitched yelps, then quickly calmed down when I scooped him up and nursed him.  They also gave him a little tylenol as well.

He weighs 13.5 pounds (53 percentile) and is 25 inches long (75th percentile).  The doctor said he is doing very well developmentally and is even a few months ahead of himself with some of his milestones.

Funny Pictures

Nathan’s Daddy Made him cry, and Mommy did too…

Nathan had himself a rough evening yesterday.  Both mommy AND daddy made the poor baby cry.

What daddy did:

Daddy made a loud noise to him and startled Nathan. Nathan, in slow motion, curled his lips down into a huge frown, turned beet red, and started screaming and turning away from his daddy. I quickly “rescued” him and pulled him close in order to comfort him. He started to calm down after a minute. Then, his daddy tried to reach over and touch his  hand. Nathan saw it and pulled his hand away from him and clinged onto my shirt. He started to cry again.  Chris said he’d never felt so badly in his whole life as he did when he made the poor baby cry.

What mommy did:

I had to clip his fingernails.  I got to the 8th finger and accidently nicked the tip of his finger. He started screaming and his little finger started bleeding. I almost started to cry myself cause I hurt my baby boy. I put pressure on it to stop the bleeding, then dressed it with antibiotic ointment cut a band-aid to fit his tiny little finger.  I felt sooo badly for him.

After both incidents, he calmed down and forgot all about it.  Now if only I can do the same…

Geaux Tigers!

This one is for you Uncle R and Aunt L! (Click on picture for larger image.)

Nathan- 11 weeks

Einstein to-be

2 1/2 months- Easter Romper

Scooter & education


Yesterday we got a cute little foster kitten named Scooter.  He’s a real sweetie and LOVES to be near me at all times.  However, he is about as graceful as a drunken 3-legged dog. With one eye.  So far he has fallen off the bed, sofa (twice), the bathroom vanity, and the coffee table.  He ran into the wall, the door, and my leg.  He’s gotten his paw hung up on various textiles of the household variety and needed my rescue efforts.  He recently tried to run under a dresser and nearly knocked himself out in the process. Sighs.

But he’s cute- really cute.  He has a round pumpkin face, a huge belly, and is fuzzy like a teddy bear.  When Nathan is nursing, he will climb up near my shoulder. Nathan is fascinated with the little fuzzy thing and watches him.  Scooter is equally fascinated with the squeaky bald thing and stares right back.  We were going to let Scooter stay in our bedroom at night because he’s just a tiny little kitten.  However, he climbed into the bassinet with Nathan and decided to play a harmless game of “mouse under the covers” with Nathan’s foot. So little Scooter was moved into the bathroom instead.


Today I contacted our financial adviser about setting up Nathan’s college savings fund.  I’ve been researching the 529 plan and wanted to know his take on it.  So he pointed me in the right direction on the best sites to research it.  On the website, they have this little college cost calculator.  I put in all the required info and it crunched the numbers for me.  I almost choked when I saw the total cost- $312,166.  I turn white (-er) just typing the darn thing.  It says that we need to save $338 for the next 17 years to cover the rising cost of tuition over that time period.  That’s insane.  I’m hoping (praying and wishing) that Nathan will be a smart-tater and earn a decent scholarship or two.  Guess we’ll see.

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