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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

My grandmother passed away

My paternal grandmother passed away this morning from bone cancer. Above is a picture from 4 weeks ago. She was an extremely deep, brilliant, proper, and elegant woman. She had been unhappy for most of her adult life, and as a result developed a bitterness that prevented those around her from getting close to her. So although we were not close, I still had immense respect for her.

Unhappiness aside, she was quite remarkable. She was incredibly sharp and never, ever missed even the slightest hint in body language, tone, or things left unspoken. She was a talented painter, pianist, writer. She had impeccable manners, and never left home without her make-up perfectly applied and her hair gracefully styled.  Back in the old days, she always wore the latest hats with matching purse and gloves.  She as an excellent cook as well and always served dinner on her fine china.

We visited her so she could see her great-Grandson. It was slightly awkward since it had been so long since seeing her last. It was also sad to see her once-elegant home is disrepair.  Nevertheless, I was very happy to see her.  She said that she could tell from looking at me that I am “One proud momma.”  She said that I had beautiful hair and that I turned into a beautiful woman.  She kept staring at me as if she knew that she would never see me again.  She was extremely deep as a person, so I couldn’t have possibly guessed all that was going through her mind.  Before we left, I ran back to her room to give her one last hug and to tell her that I love her.  I didn’t say good-bye though, because my experience with cancer patients taught me not to.  She held my hand and told me, “You’re so sweet. Make sure you stay your sweet self- never change.”  I expected her to continue on with some sort of deep, philosophical lesson on the topic, but she simply left it at that.  I hugged her and said, “See you later.”

She passed away this morning.


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