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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Our Dinner visit with a friend

Saturday we went together as a family to a friend’s for dinner.   They, too, used the same fertility clinic and are expecting their fist little one- possibly a girl! I still remember the day C told me that they got the good news that they were expecting.  He and I literally jumped up and down- we were just so excited for them. There is nothing more beautiful than an expectant woman, and she is no exception. Their baby will be delivered around the beginning of March.

“Shani” has been amazingly supportive all during my pregnancy and now I am blessed to be a part of their own pregnancy.  She is so amazing.  She too has had a difficult pregnancy and yet STILL completed all of her Ph.D work minus the actual dissertation.  I honestly do not know how she does it, but it is inspirational regardless.

Anyhow, she cooked up an incredible array of Shri Lanka cuisine as they are both from Shri Lanka.  She even made this rose-based drink that was nothing less than sumptuous.  Her mother is coming over for a few months soon to help with their new baby.  After she arrives and gets settled in, Nathan and I are going to go over to their house for some Shri Lanka cooking lessons- yum!

They have been so sweet to little Nathan.  They became a part of his life before he was born, visited him shortly after his birth in the hospital, and again after we got settled in after bringing him home.  Nathan seriously LOVES Shani.  We joked about him already being quite the lady’s man. He lights up and coos for her whenever she holds him.  Shani’s hubby, “Jana” finally got to hold and play with Nathan.  It was so sweet how he just scooped him up and walked him around the house. He was so attentive toward him! I can tell that he is going to be a great Dad because he’s a natural at it. C was more than happy as a proud new daddy to offer all sorts of tips and advice to the daddy-to-be.

I did notice, not for the first time, that Nathan seems to be more fussy and maybe a little clingy whenever we are not at home with him.  He more or less refused the bottle and I had to leave the room to nurse him a few times until he finally fell asleep.  When I nursed him, it seemed to be more about comforting him than strictly because he was hungry based on how he was acting.  I need to work on building up his tolerance to new experiences.

I am really, really excited about their baby being born soon. Our two babies will only be a little less than 5 months apart from each other.  I’ve been working on putting together a little basket of “baby must-haves” of items that you can’t really register for.  I have been saving some samples of things too so that she’ll be able to experiment and see which ones she likes best. A friend who has twin girls did that for me, and I found it very helpful.

I can’t wait until the day we can all get together with both of the babies!  We both have had a long road to get to this point, so it will be a day to celebrate for sure.  Anyhow, we had an awesome time visiting, stayed WAY too late, and we’re looking forward to getting together again soon.  I know Nathan will want to see his new “girlfriend” Shani soon. 😉


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