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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The Next One

Nathan is getting so big! He is almost out of his 3 month clothes already.  I have already put away 2 garbage bags full of his clothes away for the next one.

The next one- wow.  I can’t believe I am already thinking about having another one.  It’s like the horrors of the pregnancy have vanished from memory.  C and I talk about the next one as well.  We still would like another boy and possibly a girl.  We’ve already named them, or at least have it narrowed down.  For a girl, we are keeping the name Aleigh-Anna. We just love that name.  For a boy, we like the names Matthew or Benjamin Zane, and plan to call him Zane. Benjamin is my Grandfather’s name. I love the way it sounds- Nathaniel James and Benjamin Zane.  They fit together.

I’m not quite sure how we will get Aleigh-Anna and Zane, but we’ll get them one way or another.  I wouldn’t mind adopting a girl, that way if we have a boy biologically we will still have one of each.  I can only have one more pregnancy, so this way makes the most sense.


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